Empowering you to awaken to the potential within yourself. 

We all carry the magic of the universe inside us. We have the ability to create, to heal, to change and to persevere. But it’s easy to lose sight of these truths. We have good days and we have bad days. We create grand goals and visions for ourselves, but then the chaos of life steps in and we lose sight of our path. Maybe you feel like you have no path. We get up – we work – we unwind – we go to bed – we repeat. If your lifestyle is leaving you feeling sluggish and burnt out, you’re not alone!

What if I told you there was a fulfilling, loving and magical life waiting for you?

You don’t have to quit your job. You don’t have to move to a tropical paradise. There’s nothing you’re missing to make yourself whole. You are in charge of your happiness, health and abundance.

You have the ability within yourself to create your dream reality.

Hey there, I’m Sierra

I offer wellness and manifestation services to those who are looking for a deeper connection. Through  yoga, meditation, task management and a little practical magic, I want to help you feel unstoppable.

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Herbal Support

Natural medicine and holistic healing is available to everybody. A fast-paced, modern lifestyle can make us feel constantly depleted, lacking, stressed-out work machines.

Calendula Salve

Lethargy, burnout, stress, tension, brain fog: a constant barrage of symptoms stuck in a constant cycle. Does this sound familiar? You’re not alone! It’s not a huge secret that modern, allopathic medicine can be a money hungry cycle. With preventative and holistic medicine, we really can take out health in to our own hands.

I’ve been studying energetic and anatomical herbalism for some common human ailments.

Herbal alternatives don’t come with a long list of terrible side affects. They won’t drain your savings account. They’re handmade, with love from your own personal swamp witch.

Here’s what I’ve come up with so far!






Through asana, meditation, ritualistic practices and herbal support, I want to help you find the strength and ability within yourself to heal. You can live a balanced, joyful, embodied and exciting life. Let’s find the passion of divine expression with each other!

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