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Helping you create a life of freedom & peace where you have the space to chase your dreams 


Simple practices

for soulful living

Would you believe me if I told you that you were made for more? And that you were meant to experience blissful freedom in your every day life? 

I help female spirit-seekers uncover their power potential so they can express their highest selves to the world. We’ll uncover your soul driven purpose and empower you to reach your fullest potential. 



hey there 👋🏼

I’m Sierra!

I’m a yogi, wanderess & lunar witch flitting around the country with my family in our converted van.  My passion is to help people feel innately joyful & psyched about their lives! I believe that when we are living at our highest frequencies, then we make the world a more creative, independent & compassionate place!

I came from a small, uninspiring town in Midwest suburbia. I felt trapped, lost & uninspired. I didn’t see any way out besides falling in to line with what society told me I “had to do.”

Now I’m my own boss, doing what I love every day with my loved ones by my side while the Redwood forests pass by the windows of my traveling home. But I’m not some crazy, one-off success story! You can live your dreams too 🙂

I’m here to help you connect to something bigger, find your purpose, find your tribe & live in total abundance!

I have a gift for you

Intention Setting Meditation & Workbook

Go from overwhelmed to inspired in just a few minutes. I’m ready to help you find clarity & purpose when it comes to your goals. 

Sounds great, but..

How do we do it?

yoga + mindfulness

Yoga is the union of the body and the mind. When we are fully embodied and connected to the physical, we create more space for mental and emotional wellbeing. 

I teach group yoga classes both in-person and online. I also offer one-on-one coaching for in-depth exploration of your physical yoga practice.

rituals + self-care

We need to take time to refill our own spiritual cups before we can continue to give to others. Self-care isn’t all bubble baths and jade rollers , although those are nice too 😉 It’s about being honest with yourself and what you need.

I can teach you how to make time for self-care rituals that will help you feel aligned.

seasonal attunement

Nature wants you to grow. There are different seasons for different times of personal growth – and utilizing these ebbs and flows of nature is very powerful.

I can teach you how to harness these seasonal energies for optimal growth, goal setting and time management.

LIVE-streamed yoga EVERY week

The latest in self-care and mindful living.

Wellness Blog

15 Minutes to an Energizing & Uplifting Morning Routine

15 Minutes to an Energizing & Uplifting Morning Routine

Sierra Vandervort // August 6, 2020 Happy Thursday, lovelies!This week I had the opportunity to switch Instagram profiles with one of my lovely friends Ally from Guatemala. She taught us all about the magic of fermented foods, and I did a quick training on morning...

My Yoga Practice Saved My Relationship With Myself

My Yoga Practice Saved My Relationship With Myself

Sierra Vandervort // July 22, 2020I wasn’t looking for crazy, radical enlightenment when I first came to the yoga practice. Much to the contrary - I was simply looking for something to occupy my time.I had just gone through a pretty upsetting breakup - the kind that...

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