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Helping busy dreamers reach their goals, and create a life that’s aligned + magical

Simple practices for sacred living

I want to help you feel unstoppable.

We all carry the magic of the universe inside us. But it’s easy to lose sight of it. We create grand goals and visions for ourselves, but then the chaos of life steps in and we fall off our path. 

If your lifestyle is leaving you feeling sluggish, burnt out and unfulfilled – you’re not alone! 

What if I told you there was a fulfilling, loving and magical life waiting for you?

YOU have the power to create your dream reality!

Sounds great, but..

How do we do it?

yoga + mindfulness

Yoga is the union of the body and the mind. When we are fully embodied and connected to the physical, we create more space for mental and emotional wellbeing. 

I teach group yoga classes both in-person and online. I also offer one-on-one coaching for in-depth exploration of your physical yoga practice.

rituals + self-care

We need to take time to refill our own spiritual cups before we can continue to give to others. Self-care isn’t all bubble baths and jade rollers , although those are nice too 😉 It’s about being honest with yourself and what you need.

I can teach you how to make time for self-care rituals that will help you feel aligned.

seasonal attunement

Nature wants you to grow. There are different seasons for different times of personal growth – and utilizing these ebbs and flows of nature is very powerful.

I can teach you how to harness these seasonal energies for optimal growth, goal setting and time management.

Hey there

I’m Sierra

I’m a teacher, herbalist, author and moon witch.
I combine ancient yoga practices with modern moon magic to inspire wellbeing and spiritual living in others. I lead workshops, classes and trainings to help others understand how to use the magic of the moon to create their dream life.
I’m passionate about inspiring joy, strength & magic in others.

The latest in self-care and mindful living.

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