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Hey there! 👋 I’m Sierra

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Modern Witchy Woman
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What I do

I’m here to guide soulful women towards a fully embodied life so they can exist from reassurance and ease, rather than struggle and lack.

Tell me if this sounds like you, you’re…

🔥 Growing & shifting so much lately, and you can feel that you’re ready to ascend to that higher level

🔥 Craving a community that challenges, uplifts, and inspires you

🔥 Ready to feel fully connected so you can begin to prioritize JOY and ABUNDANCE in your life


welcome home, sister.

Pour yourself some adaptogenic coffee & stay awhile…we’re going to help you tap into your inner wisdom.


Yoga + Mindfulness

Yoga is the union of the body and the mind. When we are fully embodied and connected to the physical, we create more space for mental and emotional wellbeing.

Join me through live, virtual yoga sessions or catch one of my 200+ pre-recorded classes.

Fancy a getaway? Check out our upcoming roster of yoga  & leadership retreats!

Rituals + Self-care

We need to take time to refill our own spiritual cups before we can continue to give to others. Self-care isn’t all bubble baths and jade rollers. It’s about being honest with yourself and what you need.

I can teach you how to make time for self-care rituals that will help you feel aligned.

Seasonal Attunement

Nature wants you to grow. There are different seasons for different times of personal growth – and utilizing these ebbs and flows of nature is very powerful.

I can teach you how to harness these seasonal energies for optimal growth, goal setting and time management.

Ready to tap into your inner wisdom?


Your home for deeper connections and lasting transformations

This is YOUR exclusive community for deepening your wellness practice and becoming the best version of yourself. 

Let’s get you connected with the soul tribe your heart has been searching for…

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Full Moon in Cancer : Energy Reading & Self Care Practices

Full Moon in Cancer : Energy Reading & Self Care Practices

with Morgan le Fay In this special event, we will explore the energies of our full Wolf Moon in Cancer during this live-streamed, mystical get-together. With our resident Astrologer Morgan Thames from Morgan Le Fay Astrology, we’ll explore the meaning of the current...

Finding your Word of the Year for 2022

Finding your Word of the Year for 2022

with Sierra Vandervort Thank you for joining me for our Word of the Year workshop! Please bring with you: - a journal and a pen, - your yoga mat,  - any coloring or creative materials you'd like to use! I'm also super excited to grant you special access to our Year of...

Full Moon in Gemini : Energy Reading & Moon Ritual

Full Moon in Gemini : Energy Reading & Moon Ritual

with Morgan le Fay Join Morgan for a special ritual to honor the Full Moon in Gemini. First, a grounding meditation helps you ease out of the busy and hectic mind that can sometimes come with Gemini energy. You'll learn about the Full Moon in Gemini and how you can...

This is a space where the witchy and the weird are welcome. In a digital world where everyone vies for likes and follows, we want to nurture YOUR authentic self.

What our Girls Saying

“This group radiates so much love.…”

“…the MMC has created a space for celebrating myself and others.

The antidote to feeling lost is connection – and the women in this group show up for me and each other constantly


“Ohmygosh that was so empowering…

…and beautiful to be in a space with such likeminded, liberating women. Thank you for holding this space. 

I’m deeply touched, honored and grateful to be a part of it. “


“I know I have a strong community…”

…that I can check in with. I know that I’ll be supported, and I can offer my energy when needed.

It’s a comforting feeling to know you have strong womxn ready to laugh or cry with you.”


“This has become my church…”

“…even though I don’t know everyone here, I know I have like-minded sisters to support me when I need it.

I love having a space I can come to open up and be vulnerable. It’s made a huge difference for me.”


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The Local Mystic is a virtual hub for soul-centered women to connect, learn, and grow into their best selves.