Empower the potential within yourself. 

We all carry the magic of the universe inside us. We have the ability to create, to heal, to change and to persevere. But it’s easy to lose sight of these truths. We have good days and we have bad days. We create grand goals and visions for ourselves, but then the chaos of life steps in and we lose sight of our path. If your lifestyle is leaving you feeling sluggish and burnt out, you’re not alone!

What if I told you there was a fulfilling, loving and magical life waiting for you?

You don’t have to quit your job. You don’t have to move to a tropical paradise. There’s nothing you’re missing to make yourself whole. You are in charge of your happiness, health and abundance.


You have the power to create your dream reality.


Hey there, I’m Sierra


I offer wellness and manifestation services to those who are looking for a deeper connection. Through  yoga, meditation, task management and a little practical magic, I want to help you feel unstoppable.

You can live a balanced, joyful, embodied and exciting life. Through asana, meditation, ritualistic practices and herbal support, I want to help you find the strength and ability within yourself to heal.



I teach all-levels yoga classes throughout the greater New Orleans area. I want to make you feel strong and confident in your body. Each of my classes centers around the mind-body connection. We embody our movement with our breath, muscular integrity and organic expression. Not sure about the different types of yoga? Here are the styles I’m currently teaching.

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Herbal Shop

Natural medicine and holistic healing is available to everybody. A fast-paced, modern lifestyle can make us feel constantly depleted, lacking, stressed-out work machines.

Lethargy, burnout, stress, tension, brain fog: a constant barrage of symptoms stuck in a constant cycle. Does this sound familiar? You’re not alone! It’s not a huge secret that modern, allopathic medicine can be a money hungry cycle. With preventative and holistic medicine, we really can take out health in to our own hands.

I’ve been studying energetic and anatomical herbalism for some common human ailments.

Herbal alternatives don’t come with a long list of terrible side affects. They won’t drain your savings account. They’re handmade, with love from your own personal swamp witch.

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An Introduction to Moon Magic for the Modern Witch

The moon is our most direct connection to natural magic. She’s honored as a source of power and life across cultures and generations. For eons her luminescent face has inspired thousands of cultural traditions, folk stories and pagan rituals. For thousands of years she’s been a symbol of love, hope, rebirth, passion, fertility, mystery and …

My Story

I practice yoga to inspire compassion and receptiveness in my life. Through my practice, I’ve grown spiritually and physically. I’m more joyful, patient and compassionate. I feel less stress, tension, fear and uncertainty.

I teach yoga to share strength, peace and growth. Through devotional, mindful practices, I believe we can take healing in to our own hands. We are spiritually sovereign, divine creatures.

I found yoga like a lot of people do – from the bottom of a broken heart with nowhere else to go. I’d dabbled in yoga poses when I was younger thanks to my mom’s old Yoga Journal VHS tapes. My best friend and I would laugh and flop over the floor in attempted shoulder stands. I carried a bit of the practice with me to college, but then – like a lot of people – I got busy. I had schoolwork; I had a job; I had a boy, and I let my sense of self slip through the cracks. It wasn’t until I was standing at the wrong end of a painful breakup with no sense of direction that I realized I’d lost myself somewhere along the way.

After that, I threw myself head-first in to my yoga practice and the study of spirituality and meditation. I cried openly on my mat, created space in my body and my heart and found my way back to myself. I realized how transformative yoga and self-study could be and how much I wanted to share that with others.

Not long after, I made the sporadic decision to leave everything in my Midwestern town and relocate to New Orleans. I knew I wanted to study yoga and experience a bigger life, and that’s all I needed. I came down to the swamps with a wonderful support group, survived a flood, robberies, terrible service jobs on Bourbon Street, and began my studies as a yoga teacher.

New Orleans also provided a wonderful opportunity to explore and expand my interests. I began studying herbalism and witchcraft, and expanded what the ideas of healing and religion meant to me.

Now I’m a RY200 hr yoga teacher, a young herbal entrepreneur and practical witch. I’m honored and thrilled to share my passion and the principles of this practice with my beautiful, New Orleans community.

I want my students and everyone I interact with to know that they are whole, independent and loved. You have the power and the ability to heal yourself. Let’s explore and empower this human journey together!