Which of these yoga mats is best for your practice?

yoga mat

Your yoga mat can drastically influence your practice, and depending on your style preferences you may prefer a different kind of mat. There’s no one-size-fits-all yoga mat, just like there’s no one way to practice yoga. Sometimes you need time to experiment and see what feels best for you body. Feel free to customize your mat as much your you do your practice. You have the ability to choose. But searching can be overwhelming. I get it, there are lots of numbers, diameters and in such fun colors! If you’d like a little guidance in your search for your new […]

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Cozy up with a Cancer Energy Playlist

Our sweet and moody Cancers, welcome to your season young loves! We welcome summer with our solstice in the northern hemisphere just as we ring in this cardinal signs’ birthday season. Please accept this playlist as a humble birthday gift from your Local Mystic. What else could we have for our water sign besides tons of moody, “get cozy at home” tunes? As natural rulers of the fourth house of “roots,” Cancers love to be a bit of a homebody. While strong-willed and potential extroverts at the party, their true sense of belonging comes from deep within themselves. Their hard, […]

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A Beginner’s Dive into Yoga and Meditation

The yoga world can appear really intimidating. Modern media depicts thin, fit practitioners with their ankles behind their ears and balancing on their heads. I get why a lot of people feel like they “can’t” do yoga! But that’s unfortunate, because the physical strength is such a small part of this greater lineage of practices for your body and your mind. I’ve been practicing for over five years and I still struggle with headstands! That doesn’t mean you can’t try yoga. But I thought I would help and do a little demystify-ing for y’all. This is a brief overview of […]

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Sing to the Sun with a Special Beltane Playlist

We’ve made it, witches of the north! The bright morning of our Beltane sabbat has blossomed after the dawn of our equinox. Hopefully you’re feeling increased vitality and a warmer climate wherever you are. Danu Forest, author of The Magical Year, describes our rising Beltane energy perfectly: “During Beltane we can use the fresh energy of the earth’s life force to energize and inspire us, to discover where our passions lie and what makes us feel truly alive at this time.” Since then it has been turned in to modern festivities like May Day. This cross quarter holiday is a […]

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Music of the Bulls: an Ode to Taurus

Taurus season is fast approaching, magickal darlings. Known for their especially practical and grounded energy, the Taurus is a fixed, Earth element. Perhaps we can use this time of year to bring us a different perspective on how we’ve been choosing to go about our daily lives and our goal setting. The Taurus is usually a dependable, committed friend and a hard worker. They’re patient, reliable, persistent and maybe even a little stubborn. The sign is ruled by Venus, bringing especially loving and beautiful energy to the zodiac. It’s an energy perfectly personified by our Taurus dedicated “Music of the […]

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4 Ways to Celebrate the Spring Equinox in New Orleans Today

The spring equinox is the annual, lunar event where there are equal parts day and night, and it just so happens to be today. Cultural adaptations range from the Easter to pagan’s Ostara, but regardless of its title, it’s a time of heightened energetics. And if there’s anything we know about New Orleans, it’s that she loves a good reason to celebrate. Here are five ways you can get a little witchy and celebrate the spring equinox today. Drum Down the Moon with Crescent Craft Nola Join New Orlean’s most recent spiritual community group in a special full moon circle […]

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Seven Ways to Celebrate the Witches Holiday Imbolc this Week

Imbolc Ritual

In Pagan traditions there are eight special holidays, or Sabbats, that are celebrated throughout the year. While still honored by modern witches and Pagans, the Sabbats are also a great way for non-practitioners to celebrate the season and connect to nature on a deep level. The next upcoming sabbat falls on February 1st and is called Imbolc. A Gaelic festival celebrating the beginning of spring, Imbolc has since been translated into variations like Groundhogs Day and Candlemas. In the name of inspiring and uniting witches everywhere (and opening the conversation for those who might be witch-curious) here are seven simple ways […]

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New Years Energy Clearing Ritual & Herbal Floor Wash {Recipe}

kitchen with - the local mystic

Happy New Year to you and yours! I hope your transition in to 2019 has been gentle and exciting. New Orleans is an especially festive city, so we’ve been celebrating a little extra. As fun as all the parties, parades and fireworks can be – I especially love this time for clearing, centering, cleaning and getting everything ready for a fresh new year. I love to incorporate my magickal practice when I clean. While on the surface it might look like simple tidying up, it also opens up so much space for me to relax, manifest and welcome more awesomeness in […]

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Five Easy Ways to Conquer Holiday Stress

Managing Holiday Stress

Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas, Blessed Yule, Happy Hanukkah – joy abounds! Wherever and whatever you are celebrating in the world during this time, I wish you peace and love. As relaxing as holidays claim to be, they often cause lots of unnecessary stress and grief. Traffic, traveling, finding the “perfect” gift, we put a lot of pressure on ourselves. Stress is a tricky thing. It seems easy to accumulate but so hard to get rid of. It can pop up out of nowhere and snowball into total havoc if we let it. If you feel bouts of stress creeping in and tainting […]

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A Witchy Playlist for an Epic Samhain

We celebrate the witches’ New Year on October 31st Samhain, Halloween, or All Hallow’s Eve – whatever name your tradition calls for – is time to put all to rest. Samhain acts as the end of the calendar year for many ancient cultures. This is the time of year when all the fields had been tended, the herds were drawn inside and everything else was left outside for Mother Earth. It is the role of death in the life and rebirth cycle. It is the crone in the triple goddess entity. It is a time of tying up loose ends […]

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