Awaken Divine Feminine Energy with this Guided Meditation & Script

Sierra Vandervort // August 16, 2022

You can use this divine feminine energy meditation to connect to the sacred feminine and draw in nurturing energy of support and love.

It’s been said that all creation stems from divine feminine energy. The sacred feminine has many incarnations. Through them all, she is a carer and a provider. She can be called upon for support through tough times or by anyone seeking comfort and extra love.

In this Divine Mother meditation for healing, I’ll guide you through a visualization to connect with sacred feminine energy. This practice is a powerful meditation for love, protection, and energy-healing. You can use this meditation to connect to the divine feminine and draw in nurturing energy of support and love.

Below, you can find both the meditation script and a guided version of the meditation.

Divine Feminine Energy Meditation

15 min meditation

props needed: none

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Divine Feminine Energy Meditation Script

Begin by lying down, and taking a moment to make yourself completely comfortable. Close your eyes softly and take some time to let the activities of the day fall to the side. Allow your body and your mind to slow down into the present moment. Take three clearing breaths. Being to relax your body, letting it soften into the floor.

Imagine you can see and feel your bare feet on warm, dry grass. You are standing at the top of a hill, gazing out over a sprawling landscape and a warm, setting sun. Wildflowers and tall shoots of wheat litter the meadow with color, and you can feel the late summer sun warming you on your shoulders and your cheeks.

You follow a faint trail down the hill, towards a small patch of trees offering shade. Here the grass is longer. It feels cool as it brushes your ankles. Wild roses and honeysuckle tangle through the undergrowth, and you can hear the lazy hum of bees frolicking from flower to flower. A warm breeze carries the scent of the wildflowers to you. You close your eyes and drink it in.

A small white butterfly passes by you and leads you towards the center of the trees. Its delicate wings shimmer as it dances in the light. The breeze begins to pick up, shuffling the branches of the trees, and the bees begin to grow louder. You can feel it in the air, a tingle of electricity and excitement. Your heart beats faster but you remain silent. You know in this place of untamed beauty, all is sacred.

Ahead, the butterfly dances in the air. Then, a second one joins it, and then another, and another. They spin and dance around each other, growing faster and faster. As you watch, more and more butterflies join the dance, until there are hundreds of them, spiraling and weaving around each other, forming a dense cloud of shimmering white. Gradually, to your amazement, the butterflies begin to take shape. You can see the rounded curve of hips, the sweep of an arm, a cascade of shimmering white blonde hair. Finally, a tall, magnificently beautiful woman takes shape before you, with a broad sweep of shimmering white-gold wings behind her. 

With the voice of the bees she speaks, “welcome little one.” There is such warmth in her voice, her words soft like honey. She opens her arms to you, and you see an immense pool of love and pride in her eyes. Like a child returning to its mother, you step forward and she wraps her arms and her glimmering wings around you. She lifts you up off the ground and twirls you gently before placing you back on the ground. You suddenly feel her energy spread out all around you, filling the grove of trees and the mountainous hills around you. You can feel her in the trees, in the flowers, and in the tall grasses. You look into her beautiful face and know that she is part of everything around you. 

Your heart beats loudly in your chest, swelling with love for this beautiful mother, this great goddess of life. At this time open your heart up and speak with her. You can ask her for guidance, or simply share whatever is on your heart. Listen to what she has to say to you. You may find there is not much to be said, and instead just take this moment of communion and togetherness with her. Do not rush this, but allow it to be as it is, a gift from her. 

Slowly, you see her image begin to fade and you know that your time is up together. But you find comfort in the fact that she will always be there, always within your reach should you seek her. She surrounds you every day in every flower, tree, animal, child, and moment of wonder. Soon you find yourself alone in the grove, as you watch the white butterfly rise up over the trees and out of sight. You now begin to walk slowly back up the path and towards your body. 

With every step, you feel yourself coming back to the everyday world until you return fully to your physical body. Take your time, wiggling your fingers and toes, feeling yourself come back to this present moment.

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