Guided Meditation to Start the Day: 10 Minute Intention Setting

Sierra Vandervort // August 10th, 2021

This is the perfect guided meditation to start the day.

As you wake up, you may feel preemptively anxious & overwhelmed by everything on your to-do list that day. Or maybe you’re super groggy, uninspired to get out of bed, and dreading going to work that day. Whatever the case, this guided meditation will help you find focus and alignment at the beginning of your day.

In this practice, we’ll be setting morning intentions for ourselves. When we set an intention, we let our subconscious mind know how we’d like to proceed with our day. When we set an intention, we become present with our desires and our goals. It’s all about checking in with yourself and being the best version of yourself every single day. 

Different than a goal, an intention is a bit broader. Where a goal might be something tangible that you’re able to cross off a checklist at the end of the day, intentions thrive in the emotional and spiritual body. Your intention may be to be more focused during the day or maybe bring a bit more ease into your work. In a world that constantly pushes us to do, intentions challenge us to simply be. 

Intention setting is important because it keeps us aligned with our why. Even though we might have big dreams and aspirations for ourselves if we’re not connected to our why then it’s easy to lose motivation and direction. Regularly setting your intentions is a simple mindfulness trick that can ultimately keep you focused and goal-oriented. 

If you’re totally new to meditation – that’s great! I’m so excited you’re here. It’s really not hard, and you don’t have to worry about trying to do it “right.” The best advice I can give for beginners is to just let go. As you follow my instructions in the recording don’t worry too much about how or if you’re doing it right, instead just let whatever happens, happen. 

If you lose track of the meditation and your thoughts take over you, that’s ok. Just come back to the recording whenever you notice your attention has drifted. Be kind to yourself, and simply come back to the practice. 

For your meditation, set yourself up in a position that feels comfortable. You could be seated on the floor, in a chair, or even lying down. Make sure you’re comfortable, but also that you can still remain alert. The meditation included below is best enjoyed with headphones so that you can remain undistracted and fully immersed in your meditative experience.

After you’re finished with your meditation, allow yourself to return to your daily activities slowly and with intention. Remember that with ritual practices, there is no right or wrong. It’s all about what feels best to you and what’s going to help you feel most nurtured.

Guided Meditation to Start the Day | 10 minute intention setting

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