Imbolc Yoga Flow for Awakening Your Inner Fire

Sierra Vandervort // January 19, 2022

Join Sierra for a special Imbolc yoga class to honor the birth of spring with this seasonal festival.

Welcome to your Imbolc yoga ritual! In this class, we will honor the Imbolc Festival, which is a Pagan celebration of the birth of spring. The life force of the Earth is beginning to awaken as we begin the ascent toward the Spring Equinox. The sap is rising in the trees, and the seeds and beginning to germinate. We too anticipate the new year by making plans and dreams.

In Pagan traditions, there are eight special holidays, or Sabbats, that are celebrated throughout the year. While still honored by modern witches and Pagans, the Sabbats are also a great way for non-practitioners to celebrate the season and connect to nature on a deep level.

The next upcoming sabbat falls on February 1st and is called Imbolc. A Gaelic festival celebrating the beginning of spring, Imbolc has since been translated into variations like Groundhogs Day and Candlemas.

✨Imbolc Rituals Guide ✨

Learn to create your own Imbolc celebration with this witch’s guidebook. In these pages, you’ll learn traditions & rituals to help call in the birth of Spring. You will receive a beautifully designed, printer-friendly PDF with 30 working pages to guide you through your Imbolc ritual.


  • What is Imbolc
  • Key themes for Imbolc
  • The power of Imbolc
  • Creating an Imbolc altar
  • Imbolc mood board
  • Imbolc visualization meditation & script
  • Herbal floor wash recipe + Energy Cleansing Ritual
  • Garden Magic
  • A fire ritual for releasing
  • A Self-Care Lustral Bath Ritual
  • Soothing yin yoga poses for Imbolc
  • Imbolc journal prompt
  • Imbolc intention setting page
Imbolc workbook, imbolc rituals

Imbolc Yoga Class

35 min yin yoga

props needed: bolster, two blocks

For my practice, I’m using my favorite sustainable yoga rug from Öko Living. These mats are ethically hand-loomed out of organic cotton and dyed with medicinal herbs. Plus, they come from a small women-owned business! If you’d like to grab your own yoga rug, use my code 10thelocalmystic to save $10 on your order.

free workbook!

harness full Moon energy so you can release obstacles & reach your highest potential w this FREE workbook!

altar-building, guided rituals, journal prompts + more!

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