a two-day, soul-centered immersion and intention setting ritual to help you make 2024 your year of wild growth and magic

These guided personal development exercises and tried-and-true energy rituals will teach you how to uncover your potential & start creating a life that’s fulfilling and exciting.


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To my woman who is the creatrix

..who is ready to uncover her potential.

…who is ready to step into her power.

…this is your time to make 2024 your year

are you stepping up?

Let’s make 2024 your best year ever

🎈 the year that you find more alignment
🎈 the year that you take intentional steps towards the life you desire
🎈 the year that you feel more abundance and less stress

You deserve it! Because you’re a mf goddess, baby.

Now that you’ve overcome all the challenges of this past year, you’re ready for 2024 to be your year. No more settling for the mundane and the generic. Because everyone has the right to a life of ease & joy that they’re totally obsessed with ~ yes, that means you!

This is your opportunity to make this year different. You can choose yourself.

Sometimes we just get lost in the application.

This week, I’m bringing back my signature at-home intention-setting and goal-mapping retreat – Year of Impact. This isn’t just a course. It’s a mindful immersion that will help you gain clarity on your soul’s path, set your intentions for 2024, and unlock your powers of manifestation

let’s make you a manifestation framework that you can apply again and again.


This is just the beginning, baby!

What’s included in our at-home intention setting ritual?

✨ Morning meditations: to set yourself up for a day of ease, openness, and flow

Day One Masterclass: Reflection & Alignment

Releasing 2023

Uncovering your core values

Finding your preferred states of being

✨ Day Two Masterclass: Goal-Setting for 2024

My step-by-step process for reverse engineering your goals

Creating action steps for every. single. goal.

Planning the year to achieve your goals

Outlining of the sacred cycles & how to utilize them

Practicing release & Acceptance

✨ On-Demand Yoga sessions w Sierra

Out with the old & in with the new / 45 min vinyasa 

Releasing attachments / 45 min slow flow

38-Page Journaling Workbook,

with daily challenges, and “soulwork” assignments to implement your learning

your investment: $47


let’s flash forward to December 2024…

You look back over the year with gratitude & astonishment, humbled and passionate about all the amazing things you’ve experienced & created

You’re feeling more energized, inspired & in balance. You prioritize restoration and relaxation for yourself – without feeling guilty or anxious.

You have clarity and alignment around your goals and your healing journey because you’ve created your own personal structure and clarified your vision

with a little help from your friends of course

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This isn’t ya mama’s goal-setting class…


Year of Impact is a holistic experience and intention-setting ritual that teaches you how to uncover your potential for manifestation and make 2024 the year you truly make an impact.

Our unique blend of goal-mapping and soul-centered teachings *with just a dash of witchy goodness 😉* is a more heartfelt way to set New Year’s intentions that you’ll actually keep!

After this retreat, you can relax and feel confident going into the new year now that you’ve crafted a detailed vision that sets your soul on fire, and set tangible goals to help you make it a reality.

Here’s how it’s gonna go down…


I’m going to teach you my step-by-step framework for outlining your goals, breaking them down, and planning them out in a way that doesn’t feel intimidating & overwhelming.

Then, we’ll utilize my signature Sacred Cycles method to tap into the energetics of nature to help us supercharge our goals.

And the best part – you’re not alone. You’ll have my guidance, and the support of our group to help guide you every step of the way.

after this weekend you’ll leave with…

✨ a structured path showing you how to achieve your goals in 2024

✨ a deeper understanding of how to live out your purpose while enjoying life more 2024 can be your year!

✨ knowledge on how to experience greater freedom in your mind, body, and spirit

a two-day, soul-centered, community immersion to help you make 2024 your year of wild growth and magic

These guided personal development exercises and tried-and-true energy rituals will teach you how to uncover your potential & start creating a life that’s fulfilling and exciting.

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I can’t wait to lead you on this journey….

Hey babe! 

I’m Sierra, spiritual teacher, modern mystic, and new-age hippie chick!

As the founder of a uniquely impactful community for magic makers & manifestors, I love helping women feel fully embodied so they can chase their dreams!

I know not everyone has the gift of a spiritually-minded community – and that’s where I come in my dear!

Let me guide you to your fully embodied self through our transformative community. Your future self is counting on you.

Let’s do this together

If you’ve read this far, you owe this to yourself…

Answers these questions honestly:

what if just one idea in Year of Impact:

Helps you finally find the motivation to make the changes you’ve been yearning for?

what if just one strategy in Year of Impact:
Helps you restructure the way you see goal-setting forever, & suddenly achieving everything you’ve ever desired is easy?
what if just one technique in Year of Impact:

Helps you free up 4 – 7 more hours a week? Hours where you can be fully present for your life. What impact will that have on your relationships and your life?

Questions you may have:

How long will we have access to it?
Forever! You’ll be able to return to Year or Impact time after time, whenever you need it. 
I’m already really into goal-setting, will I still find any value in this?
Yes! I promise I have tricks and tips that you’ve never used before. Plus – the support of the community and your investment keeps you committed to yourself – so you’ll have much greater breakthroughs than if you tried to do it all on your own!
I’ve never really been a “goals” person - is this still for me?
Yes! I’ll walk you through it all – and I promise my holistic and heart-centered approach to setting goals will be much more accessible and less overwhelming than your traditional goal-setting system.
How will we access the content?

Everything will be delivered directly to your email inbox, ready for you to dive into at your own pace! We space it out over a few days, so you have time to really dive in to all the great material.

Don’t waste another minute feeling overwhelmed & unclear

claim your access today!

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