Channel the New Moon in Leo with these 5 Self Care Rituals

Sierra Vandervort // August 1, 2022

On Thursday, July 28, we have a New Moon in Leo.

With the moon dark & hidden in the sky we have a blank canvas for dreaming & manifesting. Leo energy in particular is centered around leadership, integrity & personal expression. As the sun-bearer of the zodiac, Leo encourages us to stand up, take up space, and honor our creative nature.

“I bravely and joyfully express my creativity and shine my light.”

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There are many ways to call this powerful energy in to your life and utilize it for personal-growth. Need some inspiration? Check out these five self-care rituals that will help you channel the New Moon in Leo.


Self Care Rituals for the New Moon in Leo


Try a heart-centered vinyasa yoga practice

Leo is ruled by the heart and the spine. Commonly, these can be areas of tension & emotional density. With this new moon, it is a powerful time to get some blood flowing and do a bit of energetic cleansing around those areas. While new moon energy is typically softer & slower, Leos burn bright with fiery action & passion. So though you may be inclined to take a more passive yoga practice, challenge yourself to get moving! Need some guidance? Try my free heart chakra healing vinyasa class on YouTube!


Get dressed up & have a solo dance party

Yes, really. It’s in true Leo form to get yourself all gussied up and twirl in circles until you feel slap-happy. So, rescue your favorite cocktail dress from the back of your closet, crank your favorite danceable playlist, and let yourself go wild. Bonus points if you can get your spouse and the dogs to join in too! You may feel silly at first; that’s ok. Just keep moving. Focus on your breath and don’t think too much about how you’re moving or what you look like. This is about giving yourself time to play & have fun.


Do something to boost your confidence

Ok – we’re gonna talk about external beauty here for a moment. So let me preface by saying your self-worth is not dictated by your appearances. If you feel absolutely no connection between your external appearances and your confidence levels, you can ignore this and give yourself a massive pat on the back. But…in my 26 years as a living female, I notice that I hold myself just a little bit taller when I feel good about the way that I look – and that’s also ok!! It’s whatever floats your boat, chica. 

With that being said – the New Moon in Leo is a great time to tap in to what makes you feel extra confident. Maybe it’s getting your hair trimmed or doing an at-home spa day. Maybe it’s wearing some leopard print pants or your favorite LBD. The point is – notice the circumstances that make you feel confident – and intentionally work to create more of those.


Do something really creative & utterly pointless

We like to choke ourselves on productivity here in the western world. For your New Moon in Leo, maybe you’d like to try an art project that’s fun & completely pointless. For argument’s sake, I’ll point out that it’s not really pointless, because it’s stimulating beneficial parts of your brain & helping you relax, but it may feel pointless as you do it – embrace it!! Maybe you’re really “bad” at art. Who cares?! Do it anyway. Grab one of those adult coloring books. Try a weird abstract watercolor on your own. Write a silly song about your dog. Do an artsy photoshoot of every kind of fruit you have in your house. You can literally do anything here. Just let your heart & your interests guide you!


Do a talent mapping session

Ok – total 180 flip from our last option. But as an avid goal-setter I have to throw in something like this. Leo energy is a great teacher for all of us who struggle with claiming our skills & stepping in to our own limelight. New Moons are also ideal times to set intentions. So, we’re going to marry the two.

Here’s how your talent mapping session is going to go down:

1. Set yourself up in a relaxing atmosphere with a journal & pen. You can bring any extra ritual goodies that suit your fancy, (crystals, incense, etc.) Take at least five deep breaths to help you center before you do anything.

2. Grab your journal and answer these questions: What do I know about? Where is my unique zone of genius? What are some of my proudest accomplishments? What have I overcome? What are my skills & talents?

3. Looking at your lists, ask yourself how you’d like to share these gifts with the world. What problems could you solve for people with your gifts? How specifically do you want to shine in the world?

4. If you’re not really interested in building a goal or business around your talents – that’s ok too! Just look at your list and give yourself a pat on the back. You’re pretty amazing!


The bottom line here – this New Moon in Leo is a time for power, passion & full embodiment. Do anything you like that will help energize & inspire you – and work on strengthening your self-expression & sense of confidence!

Happy New Moon! 

Sierra Vandervort

Yoga + Wellness Teacher

I teach connection. Connection to the body, to nature and to that universal love that holds us all together!

In my yoga teaching, we connect the body and the breath as a form of emotional and spiritual self-care. Through this connection, we embody compassion, joy and strength for ourselves & others.

In my astrology and seasonal connection teachings, we tune in to the energies of nature to inspire harmony & optimal growth in our daily lives!

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