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Release Negative Energy with this 30 Minute Yoga Class

with Sierra Vandervort

Use this simple, 30-minute yoga sequence to release negative energy.

We must clear space to make room for the new. That’s our motto in today’s class. Today, we’re practicing some yoga for releasing negative energy.

Oftentimes, we accumulate stagnant and low-vibrational energy in our bodies. When we do a mindful movement practice like yoga, we’re working to clear away that which has become stuck and invite fresh, new energy into our bodies.

What does it mean to release negative energy? The answer is, that it looks different for everybody! You could be releasing fear, anger, stress, or just an excess of energy that you don’t know what to do with.

This is a great practice for the beginning of spring, as we begin to reawaken from winter and breath more energy into our bodies. We honor the blossoming energies of spring to help inspire us to release what has no longer been serving us so we can step forward and become fully embodied.

You don’t need much to get started with this practice. Simply set yourself up in a space where you can move about freely and will be relatively undisturbed. Grab your favorite yoga mat – we love these sustainable ones made by our friends – light some candles, and get ready to move!

Yoga to Release Negative Energy

| 35 min Vinyasa Yoga |
| no props needed |
| New Orleans, LA |

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