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Releasing Ancestral Trauma || Guided Hypnosis with Sarah Leverett

Join Sierra and licensed hypnotherapist Sarah Leverett for an evening of intuition & transformation.

Sarah will lead a 45-minute hypnotic journey into the realm of our ancestors and Spirit teams. With the help of our Higher Selves, we will explore the subconscious mind to find ancestral trauma that is stored in the body. This trauma which is passed down from generation to generation is responsible for the fight, flight or freeze reactions that we unconsciously and/or consciously experience each day.

Through hypnosis, we will locate where this stress lives in the body, feel it, and then, allow it to pass through us. We will transmute and transform this stagnant, unwanted energy which will, in turn, cause a ripple effect of healing ancestral trauma within yourself, those before you, and those after you.

The only thing you will need to do to prepare is come with an open mind and open heart. During the session, the only requirement is that you do your very best to relax and let your imagination roam free.

Afterwards, you will be give space for journaling for reflection and sharing with the group if you feel comfortable.

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Sarah Leverett

Intuitive Coach + Hypnotherapist

I am a certified hypnotherapist, oracle reader, and intuitive coach. My mission is to remind others of their power by claiming and living the power of my own intuitive gifts. I am committed to a life of self-study and consider myself a spiritual seeker who loves to read, write, practice yoga, meditate, and explore all things mystical and magical.

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