The Spiritual Meaning of Bees and How to Harness Their Magic

Sierra Vandervort // August 3, 2022

The humble honey bee is one of nature’s most important allies.

Thanks to bees, we’re able to enjoy the bountiful beauty of summer flowers and the delectable taste of honey. In addition to all they do for the Earth, there’s a long-standing history on the spiritual meaning of bees. As one of nature’s most loving allies, the spiritual significance of bees spans across global traditions. The good news is, this small but mighty creature has wisdom and magic for all of us to harness. We just need to listen.


What do bees symbolize

As spiritual allies, bees often serve as wise guardians. They represent characteristics of innovation, creativity, wisdom, community, and love. If you find yourself often crossing paths with bees in nature or in your dreams, it could be a sign that you’re yearning for a change. Bees are often remembered for their hard-working spirit, so dreaming of bees could be a spiritual yearning for more progress in your life. 

Since they are seen as loving messengers of Mother Earth and the solar gods, crossing paths with bees is typically a good omen. You could take it as a sign to spread a little more love and joy to those around you, or ask yourself if there are any pet projects you’ve been putting off that you’d like to get back to. Ultimately, bees symbolize a need to find deeper alignment, whether that’s in our jobs, with our loved ones, or with ourselves.  


The spiritual meaning of bees

Bees have long been considered magical beings by many different cultures. In English folklore, there was a tradition of “telling the bees.” From time to time, spiritual seekers would share stories, hopes and fears with the bees, since they were seen as powerful spirit allies. Since they’re so essential to pollinating flowers and spreading seed, bees are also seen as sacred to the Earth goddesses and the divine feminine. 

With their jolly appearance and community mindset, bees remind us to tend to ourselves and to our communities. You can think of the phrase “busy bee” here, and use the symbolism of the bees to nurture the growth you’d like to see in yourself. However, bees also know the power of “stopping to smell the flowers” from time to time. So, another spiritual meaning of bees is the reminder that life is meant to be enjoyed, especially if you find yourself working hard most of the time.


How to harness the spiritual significance of bees

Crossing paths with a cute honey bee is nice, but you are also able to be a bit more intentional with their energy. Bee magic is most potent late in the summer, usually in August. During this time, many of the flowers are in full bloom so bees are especially active. 

This is called the three bees in a bag charm. With this spell, you can call on the bees to help you attract the joyful and abundant energy of the season. Once upon a time, witches used to use three dead bees for this spell, when they were much more abundant than they are now. It’s fine if you happen across a dead bee on your own, but remember they are precious to the Earth and should never be killed. You could buy ceramic or beaded bees from your local craft store, or craft your own out of clay or paper. Once you have your three bees, you can begin your spell.


Three bees in a bag spell


  1. Gather your three bees and a golden or yellow pouch that will fit them all.
  2. Place each bee individually into the bag, thanking it and asking it to bless your home as you do so.
  3. Hang your pouch up somewhere sunny in your home, allowing it to recharge in the magic of the sunlight.
  4. Always treat your bees with love, and occasionally visit them to tell them about your day and thank them for their help and support.


Cultivating a deeper connection with nature is a fun way to learn more about yourself and where you are on your healing journey. If you’re interested in learning more about natural magic, I recommend following along with this book and getting a journal you love to record your experiences.

Blessed be!

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