Discover the Benefits of Taurus Season, Regardless of Your Zodiac Sign

Taurus energy is beneficial to everyone, whatever your sign is. Celebrate Taurus season with these ritual practices and self-care tips.

I wrote this story originally for Yoga Journal. You can see that edition here.

Before it was used for inspirational Instagram posts and themed jewelry sets, astrology was used to optimize the human condition. For eons, we’ve used the language of the sky to learn from the past, make sense of the present, and make the most of the future. There is an undeniable connection between the planets, stars, and life on Earth. How you utilize it, however, is totally up to you. 

Astrology is equal parts mathematical art, scientific observation, and philosophical interpretation. Without modern scientific knowledge, ancient Babylonians, Greeks, and Romans all observed the heavenly patterns as poetry. There was no separation between matter and spirit. While astrological practices have evolved over time, the basic principles remain the same: the positioning of celestial bodies in relation to Earth influences human life. And as the zodiac seasons come and go, we can utilize each sign’s energy to learn more about ourselves.

This week, Taurus season descends upon us. And with it comes a slow, steady beat and abundant energy. This time of year (between April 20th and May 20th) is all about indulging in the richness of life, prioritizing our enjoyment and pleasure, and finding balance and stability in all areas of our lives. Whether you are a Taurus or not, there are many reasons why Taurus season is beneficial and worth exploring.

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All about Taurus energy

As an Earth sign, Taurus is inextricably grounded in the physical world. She loves wealth, beauty, indulgence, and the rewards of a job well done. However, Taurus can sometimes become so focused on doing and acquiring that she loses sight of the bigger picture. The strength of Taurus comes when she uses the physical realm for greater experiences beyond what the hands can hold and the eyes can see. When the sun is in Taurus, we are reminded to step back from the constant hustle and prioritize our enjoyment of the present moment.

Ruled by Venus, Taurus also carries an innate sense of sensuality and indulgence. This energy encourages us to slow down, indulge our senses, and create a sense of wealth and abundance in our lives. From enjoying a warm and hearty meal to taking a luxurious milk bath, there are plenty of ways to tap into this indulgent energy and treat yourself to some much-needed self-care.

Taurus is also associated with the ears, neck, and nose, making it a great time to focus on these areas through yoga or other forms of self-care. Practicing yoga poses that stretch and release tension in the neck – more on this in a moment – can be especially beneficial during this time.

Lessons from Taurus Season

It’s only natural for us to become attached to our belongings, and it’s not without reason. You’ve worked hard; you should enjoy the fruits of your labor! But the wisdom of Taurus is this: don’t be so focused on acquiring things that you miss out on the pleasures they bring. Remember that the joy of life comes not in the object itself, but in the experience it brings. So, by all means, surround yourself with luxury, darling. Just be sure you’re truly savoring the experience and emotion it brings. Pick up a box of macarons, then share them with a loved one over a romantic picnic. Buy that new stereo system you’ve been eyeing, then make it a practice to listen to one of your favorite albums every week, undistracted and totally uninterrupted. 

Rather than shying away from the physical, Taurus wants you to transcend the mundane by exalting the sensual. Remember that everything can be both matter and spirit. When you redirect your focus to the stories and sentiments the physical plane can bring, you’re less likely to continue chasing more physical in search of the spiritual.

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Rituals for Taurus Season

Looking for practical applications and celebrations of Taurus energy? Try one of these ritual practices.

Yoga Poses

Taurus is often associated with the neck and throat area, and yoga asana can powerfully release tension and promote relaxation in this area. Some favorite Taurus yoga poses include Seated Neck Stretch, Thread the Needle, and Supported Fish.

Mantra practice

Utilize your voice by practicing a mantra for Taurus season. The mantra for the Vishuddha (or Throat) Chakra is perfect. The mantra is HAM (h-ah-m). To practice this mantra, find a seat and gently close your eyes. Begin to chant the mantra, feeling the vibrations bubbling up from your chest and up through your throat. Feel the “mmm” vibration on your lips. Allow each repetition of the mantra to flow one after the other. You can do this practice anywhere from 2 minutes – 30 minutes. 

Taurus Journal prompts

Grab your favorite mystical journal and dig deep into the lessons of Taurus season with these journal prompts.

– What percentage of your life is spent obtaining? What percentage of your life is spent enjoying? How does this make you feel?

– How easily do you enjoy the greater beauty in mundane things? 

– What can be your daily version of stopping to smell the roses? 

Take an intentional nature walk

Taurus is all about enjoying nature’s bounty. Cultivate this by taking a walk in the wild, whether that’s an endless forest or your city park. As you walk, engage all of your senses. Smell the crisp spring air. Hear the birds’ happy chirping. Feel the warmth of the returning sun on your skin. You could also invoke Taurus by using your neck to whistle or hum a tune while you walk. Take it one step further and employ Taurus’s sixth sense for grander beauty. What emotions are surfacing? Happiness? Childhood memories? Spaciousness? After some practice, you’ll become more attuned to these emotional planes and the delightful inner places they can take you.

Taurus season rituals

Adorn your neck

From the exposed cleavage of the Baroque era to the sky-high necklines of the Victorian, how we decorate our neck and décolletage can say a lot. You can further invoke Taurus energy by considering what your neckline and its embellishments say about you. Play around with wearing something different – a funky necklace or a silk scarf, perhaps – to subtly change your expression and notice if any new sensations or connotations arise.   

Overall, Taurus season energy reminds us to take a step back from the demands of life and focus on the simple pleasures that bring us joy and abundance. By slowing down, indulging our senses, and reconnecting with our true nature, we can find greater peace, balance, and fulfillment.

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