An Interview with The Cottage Witch: Exploring Magic and Artistry

In this interview, we delve into the world of witchy crafts with The Cottage Witch, a practitioner whose magic intertwines with her artistry.

In this interview, we delve into the fascinating world of magic and creativity with The Cottage Witch, a practitioner whose journey into witchcraft intertwines seamlessly with her artistry. Growing up in a Catholic household with Hungarian roots, The Cottage Witch shares how her upbringing, steeped in old-world rituals and a deep connection to nature, laid the foundation for her magical path.

The discussion unfolds with insights into the inspiration behind her book, “The Cottage Witch’s Guide to Magic,” where she hopes readers will discover the harmonious blend of magic and creativity in crafting beautiful, meaningful pieces. We explore how crafting and art can enhance spiritual practices, particularly within witchcraft, and gain a glimpse into The Cottage Witch’s creative process and rituals for crafting magical projects.

Join us as we embark on a journey of discovery and inspiration with The Cottage Witch, exploring the enchanting intersection of art, magic, and everyday life.

Can you tell us about your journey into witchcraft and how it intertwines with your artistry?

It seems art and witchcraft have always been on my path, together like two best friends. I grew up Catholic, in a close family with my parents and grandparents who immigrated from Hungary.  My grandmother had brought with her the old ways of doing things, little rituals that made the mundane mysterious and magical in my young eyes. Gardening, cooking, and crafting were the top three activities in our household, as well as camping, hiking, and anything nature-related. I always loved making things, especially from nature.  We celebrated the seasons and holidays as Catholics, but it has glimmers of the witchcraft I practice now. Venturing out into the woods and coming home with pockets full of rocks,  pinecones, sticks, leaves, and acorns is something I still do with the idea of creating something beautiful. 

What inspired you to write “The Cottage Witch’s Guide to Magic,” and what do you hope readers will take away from it?

 When I was approached to write this book, I had never thought of doing something like this before, and I was quite nervous about it.  I hope readers will learn how to combine magic with making to create these beautiful things while also learning how to connect with their inner witch.

How do you believe crafting and creating art can enhance one’s spiritual practice, particularly within the realm of witchcraft?

I believe learning about flowers, herbs, plants, and crystals is a part of learning to become a witch and how to use them in practice. We learn by doing, and witch-crafting is a meaningful way to enhance your knowledge and be creative. 

Could you walk us through the creative process of designing and crafting one of your magical projects? Do you follow any rituals or practices? 

It varies, although I most often create with the seasons. Sometimes, I have a clear vision of what I want to make and just start putting things together. One of the great things about that is the unexpected result that comes from spontaneity. Other times, I’ll do a deep dive on a certain project, reading and researching before I make anything. I tend to work in organized chaos, so a smoke cleanse is something I often do to clear the energy of my workspace. 

What distinguishes a “cottage witch” from other types of practitioners, and how does this influence the content of your book? 

I don’t consider myself any kind of expert on different types of practitioners, so I can’t speak to that. I know I love being home, cozy, with all my witchy things around me. If that makes me a “cottage witch,” then I’m here for it. As far as my book goes, I think it’s for anyone who loves being creative and wants to create magical art for their home.

You’re well-known for your shop on Instagram and Etsy. How has social media influenced your journey as a witch and artist? 

One of the bright sides of social media is how far I can reach people who never would have seen my art or known about my shop. I also find myself in a great community of creatives, witches, spiritualists, naturalists, artists, and makers, and I really like that. There’s so much magic to be found.

What advice would you give to someone who is new to witchcraft or crafting but interested in incorporating magic and nature into their home and daily life?

Go outside! There is nothing more inspiring, more pure, and magical than nature itself. I really believe anyone can be an artist, anyone!  Find something you are drawn to that brings you happiness and that you feel a special connection to, and bring it into your everyday life. Magic is all around us; you don’t even have to look for it; you just have to allow yourself to see it and feel it. Go outside and feel the beauty of nature, the wind, the sun, and the rain. Open yourself to the possibilities and use that energy to create your own magical life!

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