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Use these Winter Solstice Journal Prompts for End of the Year Reflection

Sierra Vandervort // December 14, 2022

The winter solstice is our time to look back on our year & ask ourselves what we can take away from it. Use the winter solstice journal prompts below to help you dive deep into the energies of this season!

Our bodies are intuitively connected to the energies of nature. It’s probably not a stretch to guess that in this dead of winter, you’re feeling a bit tired, more introverted, and a bit pensive & thoughtful. That’s the energy of the season and the winter solstice in your body.

During this time of extreme darkness & cold, we feel a natural instinct to hide inside, fill our bellies with warmth, and slow things down a bit. While the holidays can be a magical time of celebration with loved ones, it often sends the opposite signals to our bodies. We feel rushed and hectic, dashing through airports and dealing with an endless barrage of holiday parties.

If you’re feeling burnt out and fatigued during this time of year, it may be time for an energetic shift in your body.

The winter solstice is coming tomorrow, Dec. 21st. As the darkest day of the year, this is our deep dive into our more subtle ways of being. We’re called to spend more time indoors, by ourselves, letting the dust of the year settle in our minds and bodies. After the solstice, we welcome back the slow but steady return of the sun. We honor the lowest turn in our wheel of the year, while also celebrating our slow ascent back to summer and warmth.


Winter Solstice Journal Prompts

Overall – how do you feel about the past year?

What were some of your successes from this past year?

What were some of your struggles?

What did you learn from those struggles?

What are you leaving behind this year?


Some other wonderful practices for the winter solstice could be meditation, restorative yoga, journaling, or fire rituals.

However you celebrate, take your time. Get yourself in a space where you can have a bit of quiet reflection. Maybe light some incense, and meditate for a few moments on your past year. See what feelings and emotions come up for you.

I hope you have a blessed holiday season – and can find a few moments to reflect and find your true magic.

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