A Vinyasa Yoga Practice for the Aries Full Moon

As a cardinal fire sign, an Aries Full Moon invites us to initiate things and take action toward our goals.

On Friday, September 29, the full Moon in Aries will illuminate the night. For those who listen to its subtle energies, the full Moon offers us insights into personal development and spiritual maturation. Every full Moon is different, largely due to the influence of the sign it resides in that day.

The full Moon in Aries is an extremely powerful time for new beginnings. Fiery Aries energy wants us to cultivate motivation and self-belief. Often associated with passion and even aggression, Aries energy can be used as a powerful catalyst to bring about needed change.

This would be a potent time to ask ourselves where we have become inert and dormant, where we desire change, and how we can reconnect to our passions and desires. If you’re someone who tends to wait around for the “right time,” then the full Moon in Aries is the nudge you need. Cultivate your inner self-confidence and trust in your own abilities. Ask yourself, “Why NOT me?” and “Why not NOW?”

This 30-minute vinyasa yoga sequence will help you cultivate confidence and stoke your inner fire. A seated pranayama and mudra practice awakens your solar plexus chakra. Then, traditional Sun Salutations help clear your mind and focus on prana, your life force energy A Warrior series challenges your balance and strength in your lower legs while cooling forward folds help balance out all that fire.

A Vinyasa Yoga Practice for the Aries Full Moon

Before you start, you may like to take a few rounds of Surya Namaskar A (Sun Salutation A) to help you release the thoughts and tension from earlier in your day and allow you to tune in more deeply to your breath and your practice. If you’re following along with the video, we will take our Sun Salutes after the opening seated postures.

Full Moon in Aries Yoga

30 min vinyasa yoga

props needed: none

For my practice, I’m using my favorite sustainable yoga rug from Öko Living. The one I’m using helps to invoke the fire element – perfect for our Arues moon! These mats are ethically hand-loomed out of organic cotton and dyed with medicinal herbs. Plus, they come from a small women-owned business! If you’d like to grab your own yoga rug, use my code 10thelocalmystic to save $10 on your order.

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