A Witch’s Guide to Celebrating the Wolf Moon: Meaning, Rituals & More

At the turn of the new year, the nights are long, and the temperatures hover above freezing. Here in the dead of winter, the Full Wolf Moon shows her power.

As we turn the page of a brand new year, we also welcome the Full Wolf Moon. This special celestial event is significant in various cultural and spiritual traditions. As the first full moon of the year, this is a special time of stillness, reflection, and enjoying the warmth of the homestead. If we tune in to its transformative energy, the Full Wolf Moon allows us a time to prepare for a magical year ahead.

The Meaning of the Wolf Moon

The term “Wolf Moon” traditionally refers to the full moon in January. This name comes from Native American and other cultural traditions that associate certain full moons with specific events, behaviors, or natural occurrences. The name “Wolf Moon” stems from the idea that wolves were heard more frequently during winter, particularly in January, as they howled in hunger.

Depending on local observations and folklore, different cultures and regions may have their own names for full moons. The names often reflect the seasonal changes, animal behaviors, or agricultural activities associated with the particular month. The Wolf Moon is just one example of the many names given to full moons in various cultures worldwide.


When is the Wolf Moon in 2024?

The Full Wolf Moon will take place on Thursday, January 25, 2024. However, the exact time of its appearance depends on your location.


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The Spiritual Meaning of the Wolf Moon

The Wolf Moon, spiritually significant in various traditions, embodies intuition, introspection, and self-discovery themes. Wolves, revered for their wisdom and instinctual nature, serve as symbols for individuals seeking a deeper connection with their inner selves. This lunar event is often viewed as a time for personal transformation, encouraging the release of old habits and embracing change as one moves into a new phase of life. Additionally, the Wolf Moon signifies community, communication, and balance. Like the pack-oriented wolves, this full moon underscores the importance of fostering relationships, improving communication, and achieving harmony in various aspects of life. While interpretations may vary across cultures and belief systems, the Wolf Moon consistently offers a symbolic opportunity for individuals to reflect, grow, and align with their inner wisdom.

Correspondences of the Full Wolf Moon

To celebrate the January Full Moon, you can align your rituals and practices with its unique energies.



This is a time of silence, relaxing by the home fire, and spending time with loved ones. While we’re inspired by intention setting & the possibilities of transformation, the lingering darkness & cold of nature invite us to look inward. Yes, we are ready to plant our dream seeds, but first, we must prepare the flower bed of the soul.


In Greek and Roman traditions, Artemis (or Diana) is a prominent lunar goddess, embodying the energies of the hunt and wilderness, making her a potential figure linked to the full Wolf Moon. Meanwhile, in Norse mythology, the goddess Freyja, known for her domains of love, fertility, and magic, may also be invoked during this lunar event. In Roman mythology, the she-wolf Lupa, caregiver to the legendary twins Romulus and Remus, presents another layer of symbolism during the Wolf Moon. While specific associations may differ across cultures and belief systems, these deities reflect the varied and rich tapestry of spiritual connections to the full Wolf Moon, offering individuals opportunities for reflection, ritual, and connection with divine energies.

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Selenite, renowned for its connection to the moon and purifying properties, is often used to enhance intuition and spiritual growth.  Moonstone is believed to balance emotions and foster spiritual insight. Clear quartz, a versatile and powerful crystal, is often employed to boost intentions and promote clarity in full moon rituals. Amethyst, with its spiritual and calming properties, aids in meditation and facilitates a connection with higher consciousness.

Altar Decoration Ideas

Creating an altar for the full Wolf Moon involves thoughtfully arranging symbolic elements that evoke the moon’s mystical energy. Decorate with crystals like selenite, moonstone, and labradorite, and incorporate candles in white, silver, or celestial colors to represent lunar glow. Include artwork or symbols depicting moon phases, wolves, or celestial motifs, and consider adding reflective surfaces like mirrors for self-reflection. Embrace the lunar theme with herbs like jasmine and moonflower, and choose an altar cloth in shades of white or blue with moon or star patterns. Incorporate wolf symbols to honor the Wolf Moon’s essence. Personalize the altar further with items like vials of moon water, collected to harness the moon’s energy.

Wolf Moon Journal Prompts

Delve into self-discovery with journal prompts inspired by the Wolf Moon:

Consider the aspects of your life that are undergoing transformation. What changes or shifts are occurring within you? How can you embrace transformation and growth during this period?

Reflect on your relationships and sense of community. How do you contribute to your “pack” or community, and how do others contribute to yours? What can you learn from the dynamics of a wolf pack?

Identify aspects of your life that no longer serve you. What can you release or let go of during this lunar phase to make space for new energies and opportunities?

Explore your dreams and aspirations. What dreams do you have for the future? How can you align your actions with your dreams, and what steps can you take during this moon phase to move closer to your goals?


Wolf Moon Ritual Ideas

Here are some ideas to infuse your January with the magic of this special full moon.


Wolf Moon Affirmations

“I trust my instincts, and they guide me wisely.”

“Every challenge is an opportunity for growth and positive change.”

“I release what no longer serves me and welcome transformation with grace.”

“As I let go, I make space for new and positive energies to enter my life.”

“I surrender to the flow of life, trusting in the process of release.”

“I am a valued member of my community, and I contribute positively to it.”

“My relationships are filled with love, support, and understanding.”

“I attract positive and harmonious connections into my life.”

“My dreams are powerful, and I am worthy of their realization.”

“I align my actions with my dreams, creating a path to their fulfillment.”

“I am the creator of my dreams, and I manifest them with joy and confidence.”


Wolf Moon Tarot Spread

Card 1: Instinctual Insight: Represents your current instincts and intuitive feelings.

Card 2: Moonlit Transformation: Symbolizes the transformative energy surrounding you during this lunar phase.

Card 3: Pack Harmony: Represents your connections with others and your sense of community.

Card 4: Release: Signifies what needs to be released or let go of during this full moon.

Card 5: Renew: Indicates what new energies or opportunities will emerge once you release the identified aspects.

Card 6: Howling at the Moon: Symbolizes the expression of your true self. Indicates how you can confidently express your desires and aspirations.


Energy Clearing Herbal Floor Wash

Though we’re using this recipe for a New Years’ cleansing, you can use it anytime you feel like you need an energetic refresh.  An energy cleansing ritual is great to use during the change of the seasons, before a new month, after a birthday, when you move into a new home, or anytime you feel like you need a spiritual reset.


In the embrace of the Wolf Moon, we find a profound opportunity for self-discovery, renewal, and spiritual growth. As the winter nights unfold, let this moon guide you through a transformative journey, leaving behind what no longer serves you and stepping into the promise of a new and vibrant cycle.

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