A Witch’s Guide to Celebrating the Cold Moon: Meaning, Rituals & More

As the final full moon of the year, the Cold Moon symbolizes transition and renewal, hinting at the promise of longer days and the warmth of spring.

As the year draws to a close and winter’s chill envelops the Northern Hemisphere, we welcome the Full Cold Moon. This special celestial event is significant in various cultural and spiritual traditions. As the final full moon of the year, the Cold Moon symbolizes transition and renewal, hinting at the promise of longer days and the warmth of spring. Coinciding with Yule and other holiday celebrations, this time of year offers a beautiful opportunity to manifest, reflect, and celebrate.

The Meaning of the Cold Moon

The Cold Moon is a term that typically refers to the full moon that occurs in December. This moon is often associated with the winter season, denoting when temperatures drop and the days are at their shortest in the Northern Hemisphere. It symbolizes the peak of winter’s chill and the onset of the coldest period.

Some spiritual practices and belief systems attribute specific energies and themes to each full moon, including the Cold Moon. It might be a time for setting intentions related to endurance, personal transformation, and spiritual growth.


When is the Cold Moon in 2023?

Scheduled to grace the night sky on Tuesday, December 26, 2023, the Cold Moon will glow across the Earth. However, the exact time of its appearance depends on your location.

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The Spiritual Meaning of the Cold Moon

In some spiritual traditions, the Cold Moon is a time of introspection and renewal. As it occurs near the end of the calendar year, it’s a moment to reflect on the past, release what no longer serves, and prepare for new beginnings in the coming year. The idea is akin to a symbolic death and rebirth cycle. Ideas take root during this period, preparing to blossom as the new year unfolds. It’s a season of anticipation, urging us to consider our goals, dreams, and the paths we wish to tread.


Correspondences of the Full Cold Moon

To celebrate the December Full Moon, you can align your rituals and practices with its unique energies.



Traditionally seen as one of the most powerful full moons, the December Full Moon is a blank canvas for setting intentions. Themes of endurance, the cyclical nature of life, and personal alchemy come to the forefront. It symbolizes the Earth’s tides turning, signifying a shift in energies as we embrace the darkness and anticipate the impending light.


In various cultures, deities associated with this Moon embody aspects of life, death, and rebirth. Hathor, Hecate, and Osiris are all revered during this time, their archetypal energies resonating with the transformative nature of the season.

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Energize your Cold Moon rituals with crystals that amplify their energies. Ground and revitalize with Bloodstone, your earthly anchor. Ignite fiery passion and dreams with the vibrant Ruby. Sow the seeds of prosperity and abundance with emerald’s lush goodness, and amplify your intentions loud and clear with the versatile and powerful clear quartz.

Altar Decoration Ideas

Crafting a Cold Moon altar involves a careful selection of elements. Mistletoe, candles representing the warmth within, holly, symbols of the Sun, and pinecones create a sacred space. With their vibrant red hues, Poinsettias add a touch of festive elegance to the arrangement.

Cold Moon Journal Prompts

Delve into self-discovery with journal prompts inspired by the Cold Moon:

What gave me energy this year? Reflect on the moments, people, and experiences that fueled your energy and passion throughout the year.

What depleted my energy this year? Acknowledge and release the factors that drain your energy, making room for renewal and growth.

What can I let go of before this new cycle? Identify aspects of your life that no longer serve your highest good, prepare to release them, and welcome the new cycle with open arms.


Cold Moon Ritual Ideas

Here are some ideas to infuse your December with the magic of this special full moon.


Cold Moon Affirmations

“I am resilient, like the ever-turning tide; I endure and emerge stronger.”

“With each passing phase, I embrace the cycles of life, death, and rebirth.”

“As the Cold Moon shines, I release the old and welcome the new.”


Cold Moon Tarot Spread

Card 1: The Past – Reflect on the significant events and lessons of the outgoing year.

Card 2: The Present – Explore your current state of being and the energies surrounding you.

Card 3: The Future – Gain insights into the opportunities and challenges that await in the coming year.

Card 4: Transformation – Discover the transformative aspects of your journey highlighted by the Cold Moon.

Card 5: Guidance – Seek guidance from the cards on navigating the path ahead during this reflective time.


Cold Moon Spell for Success & Prosperity

Green Candle – symbolizing growth and prosperity
Bay Leaves – for success and achievement
Clear Quartz Crystal – to amplify intentions

1. Set up your altar with the green candle, bay leaves, and clear quartz crystal.
2. Light the candle, focusing on its flame as a representation of your goals.
3. Write your specific goals on the bay leaves, visualizing success as you do so.
4. Burn the bay leaves in the candle flame, symbolizing the release of your intentions into the universe.
5. Hold the clear quartz crystal, charging it with your aspirations for success and prosperity.
6. Close the ritual with gratitude, expressing thanks for the opportunities that will manifest in the coming year.


In the embrace of the Cold Moon, we find a profound opportunity for self-discovery, renewal, and spiritual growth. As the winter nights unfold, let this moon guide you through a transformative journey, leaving behind what no longer serves you and stepping into the promise of a new and vibrant cycle.

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