Full Harvest Moon in Pisces : Energy Reading & Ceremony

with Morgan Le Fay

Hello, modern mystic! Welcome to this Full Harvest Moon in Pisces ritual.

Pisces, a mutable air sign, carries the energy of the idealistic dreamer, the poet, and the believer. Inherently mystical and perhaps a little slow-moving, Pisces’ energy challenges us to see life from beyond the illusions created by our minds so that we can create the kind of life we want for ourselves. Today, you can join Morgan Le Fay for a special ritual to honor the Full Harvest Moon in Pisces.

You can draw on the full Moon in Pisces to strengthen your connection to your intuition and that knowing that lies beyond thinking. Any practices that help you slow down—such as meditation, pranayama, or Yin yoga—can assist.

You’ll start with a grounding meditation before diving deep into the lore, energies, and manifestations of this full moon energy. Morgan will be able to give you insights on what this full moon means for YOU specifically based on your rising sign.

You’ll then have time for some guided journaling prompts before you’re led through a closing meditation

Come prepared with your journal, pencil, sacred objects.

Full Harvest Moon in Pisces

Live Full Moon Ritual & Witchy Yoga

For my practice, I’m using my astrological planner from Magic of I. For every month, my astrological planner has monthly new & full moon intention-setting journal pages as well as monthly themes and reflections. I’m obviously obsessed with these planners, and if you wanted to grab their newest astrological planner for yourself you can get 10% off now with the code thelocalmystic.

Morgan Thames

I have been fascinated by the mystical ever since I can remember. Dealing with death and loss firsthand has shown me how to strip away the noise and reveal the truth. This journey is forever evolving.

I take my own lived experience combined with my astrological expertise to help you make sense of whatever is rocking your world at the moment. Together we can excavate the truth, like cosmic archaeologists.

I practice with a holistic view: we came from the stars, and to the stars, we will return.

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  1. Curtis

    So I am fairly new to being a natural Witch. Appalachian folk magic as a matter of fact i have to accept that i have giftS, blessings.etc and would like to explore them without doing anything stupid that i wouldn’t even realize was stupid Till i have sumn coming for me lol. But I’m on witchtok so over a couple things y take with s grain of salt. I have books and even some that i found of my earlier family members how cool is that? Andreas i think I’ma kitchen witCh cause my thing is candles, Herbs, stuff like that. But most of the time i get chaos WitCh. Can’t imagine why lol. But seriously glad to be meeting With this whole other Part Where i can gain knowledge that some find taboo or offended. Let me just say lol. Anyway thanks