Channel the Energy of the Virgo Full Moon with this Simple Yoga Class

In March, the full Moon in Virgo illuminates the dark winter sky

In March, the full Moon in Virgo illuminates the dark winter sky. The full moon provides guidance for those who tune into its subtle energies, offering insights into personal growth and spiritual advancement. As the full moon resides in a different zodiac sign each month, each lunar cycle brings a unique influence that can affect an individual’s emotional state and personal development in various ways. Virgo, a sturdy Earth sign, invites us to focus on intentional creation and healthy habits. You can use this yoga practice for the full Moon in Virgo to help you channel the energies of Virgo and utilize them to benefit you. 

Virgo’s energy is practical, efficient, and caring. You can use this time to workshop how to make your dreams a reality. The phrase “practical dreamers get shit done” is an inspiring truth. The solid energy of Virgo is here to help you put your plans into action with intention and heart.

During a full moon in Virgo, it is suggested to focus on self-care practices that align with the earthy and practical energy of this zodiac sign. This can include activities such as decluttering and organizing your physical space, as well as your mental and emotional space through journaling or meditation. Grounding practices, such as spending time in nature, can also be beneficial during this time. Additionally, incorporating health and wellness routines, such as a nutritious diet or gentle exercise, can help promote balance and harmony within the body. Overall, taking the time to care for yourself during a full moon in Virgo can help promote a sense of stability and clarity in your daily life.

A Yoga Practice for the Full Moon in Virgo

This 30-minute vinyasa class will take foundational yoga postures and strip them down to their core: balance and breath. This quick yoga flow is great for beginners or anyone looking to feel grounded. Set yourself up in a space where you can move about freely and you won’t be disturbed.

Yoga for the Full Moon in Virgo

30 min vinyasa yoga

props needed: none

For my practice, I’m using my favorite sustainable yoga rug from Öko Living. These mats are ethically hand-loomed out of organic cotton and dyed with medicinal herbs. Plus, they come from a small women-owned business! If you’d like to grab your own yoga rug, use my code 10thelocalmystic to save $10 on your order.

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