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Sierra Vandervort // November 24, 2020

However you’re celebrating this season – gratitude is an incomporable lesson in spirituality & wellness.

Have you tried gratitude journaling yet? It’s a simple yet powerful practice that has taken the wellness world by storm recently.

While the historic origins of this time of year can be a bit dodgy (we won’t get into that here) I think the theme of gratitude is always a wonderful focus to have. No matter how misaligned that traditional holiday surrounding it may be.

Studies have shown that a solid gratitude practice can help relieve anxiety, increase mental strength and even help you sleep better.

And keeping a gratitude journal is one of the most tangible, accessible, and satisfying ways to start your practice.

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Where do you start with your gratitude journal?

The great news is – there is no right or wrong! If you’d like simply to start by listing out all the things you’re grateful for – that’s perfect.

If you’d like to take it a step further and really dive in to your feelings through your journal you can spend more time and thought on each thing you’re grateful for.

If you’re new to the practice of journaling – I know how intimidating the blank page can be. You are sure where to start, so you just start scribbling things down. 

Maybe something insightful comes out of it, or maybe you just feel lost and quiet after only a few moments. Been there GF. 

That’s why guided journal prompts can be so helpful! They take a lot of the guesswork out of it, so all you have to do is listen in and write down the responses that come to your heart and your mind.

I’ve created a special, gratitude journaling workbook for you below. So you can print it out, get yourself set up with a cup of coffee and dive in. 


Would you rather write the prompts in your own journal & save some paper?

Go you! Here are your gratitude journal prompts:


– What is different today than a year ago that you are grateful for?

– Reflect on your growth from this past year. How have you personally & emotionally evolved this year?

– What is something beautiful you saw this week?

– What do you like about where you live?

– What gave you comfort today?

– What do you like about the current season?

– Who makes you feel loved and why?

– What lesson in life are you most grateful for experiencing?


Happy journaling! Xx

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