My Template for an Easy & Healthy Morning Routine

You can create an energizing & healthy morning routine with 3 simple steps, and this easy morning routine template.

When we talk about healthy morning routines – a lot of people assume it needs to be an intricate, hour-long endeavor. First, you sit down to meditate, then a quick reiki cleansing, a visit to your in-house hyperbolic chamber, an organic eucalyptus facial steam…ALL THE THINGS!

I’m totally kidding. You can create a really meaningful, energizing & fulfilling morning routine with merely 15 minutes, 3 simple steps, and no hyperbolic chambers necessary.

Here’s my template for a healthy morning routine

Step 1: Drink a big glass of water. Yep – first thing in the morning. If you need to, you can make it before you go to bed and put it on your bedside table. A lot of times when we’re feeling low-energy or groggy, it’s actually our bodies telling us that we’re dehydrated. So chug a glass, then give yourself a high-five. You’re already practicing self-care!

Step 2: Meditation. You probably could’ve guessed this one was in here. BUT I want to let you in on a little secret to meditation – it doesn’t have to be an hour long, seated meditation to be a “real” meditation. 10 minutes counts. 2 minutes counts. 5 big & intentional breaths count. If you’re finding it hard to find the motivation to meditate – try taking it in smaller chunks. You can build up to longer seated sessions as you go – but for now you’re just trying to boost your confidence & sense of capability!

Step 3: Journaling. A lot of us might see journaling as the Dear Diary musings of our high school years. While there can be a place for that, the transformational powers of journaling come through when we use it proactively. Meaning – we use journaling as a way to shape our reality. During your morning journaling sessions, your prompt is “Today, I choose to feel…” then use your page to intentionally decide how you want to go about your day. This is your ability to take control of your day. Be intentional about the kind of person you want to be.

Now you’re ready to go out in to your day a more intentional, energized & focused being. Spread those positive vibrations out to those you interact with!

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