Heart Chakra Healing Meditation for Positive Energy

Sierra Vandervort // May 17, 2022

Welcome to this heart chakra healing meditation.

It’s so easy to get stuck in your head these days, isn’t it? Even as a yoga teacher, I still battle with bouts of anxiety and self-doubt. Usually, this comes from existing too much “in my head” and not enough in my heart. This is usually a good sign that I’m in need of some heart chakra healing.

I remember one time, I spent a weekend in the woods surrounded by friends – in a geodesic dome at an eco-village in southern Oregon. It was just as magical as it sounds! And It was an opportunity that past Sierra could’ve only dreamt of.

Yet – even in this dream-life scenario – I still had moments of feeling too “in my head” and a little, mehhh. As I sat overlooking the Illinois River with circling thoughts of self-doubt and discomfort – I realized I was getting so wrapped up in this silly mental junk! I realized that I was totally disconnected from my heart. 

I closed my eyes, turned my face up towards the sun, listened to the rushing river, and began feeling into my heart. I asked myself how I was truly feeling at that moment. No mental garbage, just heart energy. And I realized – I felt totally fine! I wasn’t actually upset or emotionally invested in any of these spiraling thoughts or doubts. I was just too stuck in my head and was neglecting my heart.

We so often let our mental bodies run the show. We let our minds tell us stories, and if we aren’t careful we start to believe that they’re true. But we’ve come to learn in our consciousness journey, that the heart is actually the energetic powerhouse of our body. Opening ourselves up to this power is life-changing, and absolutely necessary for our evolution.

Simple Heart Chakra Healing Exercise:

● Come to a seat and close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and then bring your left palm up to rest on your heart

● Feel your breath move into your lungs and around the center of your chest

● Use your next exhale breath to make the sound ‘shhh’, then inhale naturally & repeat a few times

● Bring your awareness into the center of your chest, and notice any energetic responses. How do you feel? It’s ok if these responses aren’t fully concrete, let them be abstract. Maybe you feel purple, or spikey. Try not to over-interpret it or ask why.

● Stay in connection here with your heart for as long as you need. When you’re ready, take a few natural breaths and open your eyes.

Maybe you’d like to take this week to give yourself a little extra heart connection and self-love. If you’d like to go a bit deeper, try this heart chakra healing meditation.

This is a great 10-minute meditation for positive energy. In this exercise, we will work to open your heart chakra through guided visualization and emotional mindfulness.

Heart Chakra Healing Meditation

15 min meditation

props needed: something to sit on

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