How to Celebrate Ostara with Things You Already Have

Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or new to the world of magic and spirituality, there are many ways to celebrate and connect with the energy of the season.

Ostara, also known as the Spring Equinox, is a time of rebirth. It marks the first day of spring, and the promise of new growth and beginnings is in the air. Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or new to the world of magic and spirituality, there are many ways to celebrate and connect with the energy of the season. Here’s how to celebrate Ostara and make the most of this magical time in 2023.

How to Celebrate Ostara

Plant Seeds and Plan Your Garden
Spring is the perfect time to start planning your garden and planting seeds. Whether you have a roomy backyard or a small balcony, there are many ways to connect with Mother Earth. Take some time to plan your garden, choose your seeds, and start planting. Make this a meditative and therapeutic process. You’re directly connecting with the magic of the season!

Cleanse and Clear Your Space
Spring cleaning isn’t just about tidying up your physical space – it’s also a time to cleanse and clear your energy. Take time to clear out any clutter in your home, and consider doing a spiritual cleanse afterward. You can burn sage, palo santo, or other cleansing herbs to remove negative energy from your space. Or use crystals to purify your energy and create a positive and harmonious home.

Decorate Your Altar
Your altar is a sacred space where you can connect with your spirituality. Consider decorating your altar with symbols of spring, such as flowers, eggs, and bunnies. You can also include crystals and other objects that emulate the energy of spring and what that means for you. Take some time to connect with your altar, and use it for daily inspiration and grounding.

Cook Seasonal Foods
Spring is a time of abundance, and many delicious foods are in season during this time. Consider cooking with seasonal ingredients such as asparagus, artichokes, and strawberries. You can also make egg dye using natural ingredients such as beets, turmeric, and spinach. Cooking can be a creative and meditative process.

Practice Yoga or Meditation
Yoga and meditation are powerful tools for connecting with your body and spirit. Consider taking a yoga class that focuses on clearing space in the body and connecting with the energy of renewal. You can also do a guided meditation that helps you find balance and connect with the earth. Practicing yoga or meditation regularly can help you stay grounded and centered, and it’s a great way to embrace the magic of Ostara.

Spend Time in Nature
Spring is when nature comes alive, and there are many ways to connect with the natural world around you. Take a walk in a park or a forest, or spend time by the water. Listen to the birds singing, feel the sun’s warmth on your skin, and breathe in the fresh spring air. Connecting with nature can be a powerful way to feel more connected to the earth.

Create Your Own Ritual
One of the most powerful ways to celebrate Ostara is to create your own ritual that reflects your personal beliefs and intentions. You can light candles, burn incense, and create a sacred space to connect with the energy of the season. Take some time to reflect on what Ostara means to you, and create a ritual that resonates with your spirit.

There are many ways to celebrate Ostara and connect with the energy of Ostara. If you’re feeling inspired to celebrate Ostara and want more information on how to create your own meaningful and magical Ostara celebration, consider picking up a copy of the brand-new Ostara 2023 Guide. This comprehensive workbook includes guided rituals, traditions, recipes, and more.

how to celebrate ostara

Ostara 2023 Guide: rituals & traditions for a Spring Equinox celebration

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