A Samhain Ritual Guide for Modern Witches

Sierra Vandervort // October 30, 2021

If you’re unsure of how to celebrate Samhain or you’re looking to deepen your ritual practices, then I’m so excited for you to use this guided Samhain ritual.

Samhain is the third & final harvest festival of the year. We begin to say goodbye to autumn and welcome the cold, quiet days of winter. Also a powerful spiritual time, we are all called to honor our heritage and pay tribute to our ancestors. In my signature Samhain masterclass below, we’ll be covering what Samhain is all about and why Samhain is celebrated. Then, I’m sharing some of my favorite Samhain rituals and celebration ideas.

In this class, you’ll learn:

– how to build a Samhain altar

– traditional Samhain rituals for celebrating the Sabbat

– how to utilize Samhain energy to release mental and emotional blockages, so you can reach your highest potential

– Samhain journaling prompts for deeper reflection and contemplation

Be sure to download the Samhain Workbook to follow along with the journaling prompts and access the Samhain releasing ritual for letting go. This is one of the most magical times of the year, don’t miss this special opportunity to tap into it!

How to Celebrate Samhain: History & Rituals of the Witches’ New Year

60 min workshop

props needed: something to take notes with

free workbook!

harness full Moon energy so you can release obstacles & reach your highest potential w this FREE workbook!


guided rituals

journal prompts

+ more!

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