A Witch’s Guide to Celebrating the Hunters Moon: Meaning, Rituals & More

While everyone’s practice may be different, if you’d like to create a Full Hunters Moon ritual celebration, try one of these practices.

As the Hunter’s Moon of 2023 graces our skies, the spiritual connection between the human soul and the October Full Moon is strong. It’s a celestial event filled with meaning, a mystical dance of rituals, and at the heart of astrology and spirituality. This October, we invite you to explore the deep spiritual significance of the Hunter’s Moon and discover how to celebrate this powerful moment in your own magical journey.

The History of The Hunters Moon

Throughout history, the Hunters Moon has symbolized various themes, such as harvest, abundance, the afterlife, spiritual transformation, and divination. This full moon, which occurs in the heart of autumn, marks a season of preparation, introspection, and connection with the natural world. Full Moon names are as diverse as the cultures that have embraced them. Some names originate from Native American traditions, while others have roots in Celtic, European (Anglo-Saxon and Germanic), and more recent Neo-Pagan sources.


When is the Hunters Moon in 2023

In 2023, the Hunters Moon will grace our skies on October 28th, reaching its peak at 4:24 p.m. EST. This celestial event provides a unique opportunity to tap into the energy of this full moon and embrace its spiritual significance.


Hunters Moon

The Spiritual Meaning of the Hunters Moon

The Hunters Moon is so named due to its alignment with the autumn hunting season. During this time, deer and elk enter the rut, their mating season, and game animals become well-nourished. The full moon in October signifies the season of the hunt, preservation, and readiness for the impending icy cold days and nights.

The spiritual meaning of the Hunters Moon encourages introspection and inner work. It marks the transition into the darker half of the year, prompting us to welcome the darkness with open hearts and spirits. In ancient times, people focused on harvesting and preparing for winter, as failure to do so could mean facing one’s mortality.

As we journey towards Samhain, a time when the veil between w
orlds thins, the magical energy in the air becomes palpable. This heightened connection allows for communication with ancestors and loved ones, fostering spiritual growth, goal setting, gratitude, and a chance to savor the slower pace of autumn.


Correspondences of the Full Hunters Moon

To celebrate the Hunters Moon, it’s essential to align your rituals and practices with its unique energies.

Intentions & Power Flow

Letting go, cleansing, seeking justice and balance, and fostering inner harmony. The colors that resonate with this full moon are black, red, brown, and gold.


Demeter, Lakshmi, Ishtar, Diana, and Artemis.

Artemis, Goddess of the Hunters Moon


Obsidian, Carnelian, Hematite, Garnet, and Smokey Quartz

Altar Decoration Ideas

Red candles, animal skins, autumn leaves, Indian corn, apples, pumpkins, skeletons or skulls, and Gothic candleholders

Hunters Moon Journal Prompts

To deepen your connection with the Hunters Moon, here are some journal prompts to contemplate:

– How can you harmonize your actions with the notions of hunting, preservation, and preparation as you step into the darker half of the year?

– What methods can you introduce into your daily life to deliberately decelerate and relish the autumnal splendor? How might rituals or practices deepen your connection to the season?

– Delve into the concept of embracing and inviting darkness into your existence. How can you welcome the shadow aspects of yourself while simultaneously discovering personal growth within them?

– How does the idea of preservation reflect your own longing to safeguard and cultivate what holds significance in your life?

Rituals and Celebration Ideas for the Hunters Moon

The Hunters Moon invites you to celebrate in unique and meaningful ways. Here are some ideas to infuse your October with the magic of this special full moon. 

Embrace Shadow Work

The Hunter’s Moon, with its association with the arrival of darkness, provides a powerful backdrop for shadow work. This introspective and transformative practice invites you to explore the hidden and often neglected aspects of yourself. As the natural world transitions into the darker half of the year, consider using this time to delve into your own inner shadows. The act of shadow work can lead to profound personal growth and healing. By confronting and integrating your shadow aspects, you can find balance, inner harmony, and a deeper understanding of your true self.

Light a Red Candle

Honor the sacrifices of the plant and animal world during this time by lighting a red seven-day candle. This act serves as a tribute to all that has given to sustain us.

Honor Ancestors

Take time to honor what has passed—the plants and animals that gave their lives and the ancestors who brought us into the world. Cook old family recipes or retell family stories in their memory. Consider visiting a local cemetery, bringing fresh flowers to graves, and paying respects to those who may benefit from a little extra love and remembrance.

Protection Magic

Embrace the age-old tradition of protection magic, as seen in the historical practice of carving pumpkins and turnips. These creations served to shield homes and people from malevolent spirits. Get creative with your pumpkin carvings by adding sigils, binding runes, symbols, animals, or spiritual elements that resonate with you, such as sacred geometry or the pentagram.

The Hunters Moon of 2023 offers a unique and profound opportunity for spiritual growth, self-reflection, and embracing the magic of the season. As you explore the spiritual significance of this full moon, you can align your actions with the themes of hunting, preservation, and preparation, while also finding ways to slow down and savor the beauty of autumn in your daily life.

Incorporate these ideas into your celebrations, rituals, and practices to deepen your connection with the Hunter’s Moon. As you honor the ancient traditions and connect with the natural world, you’ll discover the profound magic that this season has to offer. So, gather your tools, light your candles, and step into the enchanting world of the Hunters Moon, where mysteries and transformations await.

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