Using the January Full Wolf Moon to Boost your New Years Resolutions

The January full moon is giving you an opportunity to get super clear on your new years goals and how to stick with them.

In January we’re inspired by the clean slate of a brand new year. This sacred pause lets us integrate our lessons from the past and align our goals for the future.

This is both the end and the beginning. And while we’re inspired by intention setting & the possibilities of transformation, the lingering darkness & cold of nature invite us to look inward. Yes, we are ready to plant our dream seeds, but first, we must prepare the flower bed of the soul.

What is moon magic?

Moon magic is a natural and intuitive way to connect to your Self through nature. It is a form of goal-setting and manifestation centered around the natural energetic cycles of life. We just get so caught up in the stresses of daily life that we hardly notice them. By tuning in to these energies, you can create magical results in your daily life.

We connect to the specific, subtle energies of the moon phases & the seasons to see how we can harness and utilize those to help us create the life we desire. It’s these subtle energies that make us feel tired and quiet in the winter or during a new moon. It’s these energies that make us feel energized and excited during the summer or keep us from being able to sleep during a full moon.

By attuning ourselves to this grander energy (you can call it Spirit, God, or simply your inner Self) we expand our consciousness. We are taken out of the mindless repetition of the everyday – and maybe see a sense of magic and transformation in our lives!

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Why is the January full moon called the wolf moon?

Each full moon has a specific name and subtle energies attached to it. Usually, these names were decided by Native American tribes or Celtic mystics as a reference to what was happening in nature or in the tribes at this time. These full moon “holidays” are called esbats by modern pagan traditions. In January, we celebrate the Full Wolf Moon.

What is a wolf moon?

In elder tribes, this was the time of year when wolves were especially active – howling at the light of the moon through all hours of the night. We speculate that this was due to their extreme hunger in the dead of winter when food was scarce. Desperate and hungry, wolves crept through the village looking for scraps of food as the winter winds ravaged the land. We too might feel a bit restless, or a sense of longing during this time.

The full moon names are a fun bit of folklore and a good way for us to keep track of the moon, but that’s about where their meanings end for us. Some people run with the “pack” metaphor for January and use this as a time to connect with families and loved ones. If you feel called to, you can decorate your sacred space with wolf pictures if you want to get really into it. Or just knowing it’s called the wolf moon is also fine. We’re more interested in the energetics of our wolf moon, so we’ll give it a more practical application.

January full moon energy

January Full Moon Energy

This is both a time of reflection and inspiration. During this time, we feel socially called to come up with “resolutions.” We’re expected to come out of the gate on January 1st, totally ready to restructure our lives for greatness/health/wealth / or wherever you’re focusing your self-improvement.

But that’s not entirely natural. When we take this “flip a switch” approach it’s a lot harder for us to uphold. We feel terrible the first time we slip up, and the building pressure makes us more inclined to quit our resolutions altogether.

That’s not to say the notion of resolutions or intention-setting is all bad. On the contrary, that’s one of the main functions of moon magic. I’d simply like to challenge your starting point. Before we attempt to implement huge changes for ourselves, I’d like to take a few steps back and start from the center.

For our January Full Moon, we’re focused mainly on resetting and aligning. We’re standing before a fresh, brand new year, but before we make any major upheavals or changes we’re invited to ask ourselves WHY. What is the true reason behind the changes you want to make? Perhaps you want to get in shape so you can have more energy to spend with your kids. Or you want to earn more money with the hopes of one day becoming financially independent. Be honest and don’t be afraid to look deep. What feelings or emotions are at the center of your goals?

Yes, it’s great to focus on what you want to achieve, and putting quantitative values on goals can be beneficial, but before we do that we need to find our center. The CORE REASONS why we’re doing the things we’re doing. This way WHEN we fall off track – when not if – we know how to return to this center, realign ourselves and keep moving forward.

Often this requires taking a few extra moments of pause to reflect on our previous year. By evaluating the emotions that come up when we think of 2019 and any lessons we learned, we can get a clearer picture of what we want our 2020 to look like.

The name January comes from the Roman god named Janus, who had two faces to be able to look in two different directions – one in the past one in the future. Use the all-encompassing insights of Janus to help you evaluate your past so you can manifest your future. Take a moment & make sure your goals are aligned with what is best for you. Ask yourself how you want to feel – not just what you want to achieve.

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