This Meditation for a Calm Heart is the Self Care Practice We All Need

Kristen’s simple, guided meditation for a calm heart is so comforting, you’ll leave full of warm, fuzzy feelings!

Welcome, guys! Today I’m excited to share Kristen’s wonderful guided meditation for a calm and happy heart. We hope to help you find healing and connection with this gentle guided meditation. Kristen’s spirit. and wisdom is so comforting, you’ll leave full of warm, fuzzy feelings!

✨ About your teacher ✨ 

Kristen is a Holy Fire Reiki Teacher, a Certified Spiritual Life Coach, Embodied Group Facilitator, and Sacred Earth Priestess. Through Reiki Training, Energy Healing Sessions, One-on-One Coaching, and Group Programs, she supports change-makers to get grounded, develop their intuition, and learn to prioritize themselves so they can overcome self-doubt, people pleasing and overthinking, and take aligned action.

Meditation for a calm heart

Meditating for a calm heart is an ancient practice that has proven beneficial in many ways. Research shows that meditation can help regulate emotions, reduce stress levels, improve focus, and provide clarity of thought.

In addition to these tangible benefits, it also helps cultivate self-awareness and connection. By taking the time out from our busy lives to sit quietly with ourselves we are better able to observe what’s happening internally. This allows us the opportunity for any necessary adjustments or changes before they manifest into something more serious down the line. Regular meditative practices have even been linked directly with improved cardiovascular health due to their ability to lower blood pressure while increasing relaxation response hormones such as oxytocin which focuses attention away from negative thoughts towards areas of contentment instead.

Allowing yourself some quality ‘me’ time every day will naturally lead you towards feelings of peace and tranquility within your own mind-body-spirit complex – so why not give it a go?

Meditation for a Calm Heart

20 min yin guided meditation

props needed: pillow, chair, or something to sit on

Join Reiki facilitator & group leader Kristen Donat from @rootsofradiancereiki1216 to slow down, experience the healing heart energy, and tune into the wisdom that speaks to us from our hearts and soul. 


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Kristen Donat

Kristen is a highly sensitive changemaker here to help others overcome imposter syndrome so we can tune into our inner knowing, radiate our truth and share our magic with the world.