An Honest Oko Living Yoga Mat Review + Discount Code

I want to share my honest Oko Living yoga mat review and a special discount code : 10thelocalmystic : if you want to grab your own!

I’ve been practicing yoga for more than a decade. And in 2018, I decided to get my teaching certification. As an avid yogi, I’ve always wanted to find the best yoga mat possible. I started with Gaiam mats from T.J. Maxx before upgrading to a Manduka in 2015. But when I moved to Portland, I caught wind of the Oko Living yoga mat. These organic cotton mats are beautiful but can be a big investment. So, I wanted to share my honest Oko Living yoga mat review and a special discount code–10thelocalmystic–if you want to grab your own!

Oko Living Mat Review

As I mentioned, I’ve been practicing yoga for over a decade. In the past when I was using cheap yoga mats, they would often peel or flake after a few months of use. While I was in college I appreciate the cheaper price point, but I would regularly have to replace my mats, which ended up costing more.

One thing I love about the Oko Living yoga mat is its durability. I have both the Clay yoga rug and the Jute travel rug. They’re made of organic materials, so you don’t get any of that gross peeling like you do with plastic mats. Plus, the longevity of the mat means I don’t have to throw away my mat after it gets too worn. This makes the Oko living yoga rug much more eco–friendly.

After I started taking my practice more seriously, I started to look for ways to intentionally level up my practice. This is an unexpected benefit that I wasn’t expecting from the Oko Living yoga rug. Since the yoga rug is made of organic cotton, you’re unable to rely on the stickiness of plastic to hold you up. This means you have to integrate your muscles more, and it actually helps you build strength quicker!  

Benefits of Oko Living yoga rug

To put it all together, here are some of the most significant benefits I’ve seen since I started using my Oko Living yoga rug: 

  • I don’t have to replace my yoga mats as often
  • I’ve developed more strength in my practice
  • My practice feels more sacred since my mat is now fully organic
  • I’m more excited to practice, just because my mat is so beautiful!
oko living discount code

Oko Living Discount Code

So, just in case you haven’t noticed yet, I totally love my Oko Living yoga rugs. They are an investment, but I like to see them as an investment in myself and my practice. Plus, I know I’m supporting a small, women-owned business! 

Their mats can run up to $180, but if you’d like to save $10 on your order, you can use my Oko Living Discount code: 10thelocalmystic. This is an affiliate code, so, at no extra cost to you, I will receive a commission on your purchase. And if that’s the case, you’re now supporting two small, women-owned businesses. Go you!

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