We’re back from our weekend in Paris! I think I’d be pretty content if I could spend my entire life sitting at cafés eating cheese and bread and drinking wine.

Katie and I jetted off to Paris to meet with my publisher on Friday, and then we had the whole weekend to explore.

As with my Amsterdam post, I realize people would much rather look at photos than listen to me go on about how amazing my trip was. Luckily for you guys I am a very frequent and obnoxious traveling photographer, a skill I seem to have learned from my Uncle Jeff.

I’ll try to keep my rambling to a minimum. Alors, bon visionnement!!

Our first day was spent wandering around the city, which we always seem to be doing now that I think of it. These locks are one of my favorite parts of Paris. Here they are pictured by the Seine. Lovers from around the world come to secure their locks and throw the key into the Seine, sealing their fate forever. Although, I will point out that the city comes by every six months or so to clip them all off. Romantic.

We wandered our way around the Champs-Elysées to the famous Pâtisserie Ladurée. They’re known for their fabulous macaroons, among other sweet Parisienne treats. The vanilla ones were my favorite!

After exploring for a majority of the day, Katie and I got to spend a portion of our evening relaxing on the balcony of our hotel and writing. Maybe I’m super nerdy, but something about looking down on the streets of Paris and watching the sun set with one of my best friends had me feeling some kind of way. So, here’s some really cheesy pictures of it, and you’re going to like them.

We got to spend our last day with one of my friends and fellow interns from last year, Anne. Anne lives just outside the city, and was sweet enough to spend the day showing me some of her favorite sites around Paris.

Thanks to Anne, I got to see this really awesome little treasure of Paris, le mur des je t’aime. This one wall has the phrase “I love you” written on it in over 300 different languages. It acts as “a place of reconciliation, and a mirror which reflects an image of love and peace.” Such a hidden gem!


After the wall, we walked over to the hill Montmartre, which included the famous church Sacré-Coeur. Anne helped me practice some of my French in front of this stunning view of the city.


I love to mix travel with fabulous food. It’s pertinent. So, for lunch I grabbed one of my French favorites, une croque madame, best one I’ve had so far, I might add.

After lunch Anne and I wandered around the area Châtelet, which is the most perfect little piece of Europe if I’ve ever seen one. We were on the hunt for a patesserie so I could try her favorite French dessert – tarte aux fraises. Essentially it was a much lighter – very awesome – version of strawberry cheesecake. We took our desserts as a picnic in the Jardin du Forum des Halles.

Case in point, I think I’m ready for my European citizenship now. I had a fantastic round two in Paris this weekend, but now I’m ready to relax a bit and spend the rest of my summer enjoying my newfound home in London!

Au revoir pour maintenent!