A Simple Spell for Success & Prosperity for Baby Witches

This spell for success is a great way to draw more abundance and prosperity into your life, and it’s super simple!

Spells are accessible, prolonged manifestations. When we go through the work of gathering materials, creating a sacred space, and performing spells, we feed the intention behind our wishes. Which, in turn, makes them stronger. While they’re often much less eventful than the spellwork you see in movies, they’re still quite powerful. Today we’re going to learn a simple spell for success and prosperity.

Try this spell for success and achievement

First, you must begin to source your materials. This step is just as pertinent to your spell as the physical act of performing it. When you source materials for a spell, be sure to hold your intentional outcome in your mind. This helps to strengthen the power and intention behind your spell.

For this spell, you will need

  • Your wallet
  • A blank or old key that you do not need anymore
  • Four green candles

Additionally, you could gather some crystals and incense to aid in your spell. These aren’t necessary but can give your spell a bit of a boost. For this spell, pyrite and tourmaline would be powerful crystal aides. Likewise, cinnamon, mint, or allspice incense would be a great addition.

Before you begin, make sure you’re set up in a sacred space. Let your housemates know not to disturb you. Silence your cell phone. Dim the lights, and maybe play some soothing music as long as it won’t distract you. If you have time, it might be nice to have a bath or a shower before you begin. This helps you to wash away everything from earlier in your day and leaves you feeling refreshed and ready to begin your spellwork.

Begin by placing one of your green candles in each directional placement. One to the north, east, south, and west. If you’re using any additional gemstones or incense, place them by the eastward-facing candle, as this is the direction you will be facing. Once you’re ready to begin, light every candle except for the eastward-facing candle.

Begin by reciting or copying down the affirmation below. Affirmations are tools we use to prime our mental bodies for our manifestation work. You can use this affirmation I learned from intuitive teacher Diane Ahlquist, or use something similar in your own words. 

“I give myself permission to accept prosperity and success. I let go of any obstacles that block my path. I know that you need not live a life of poverty to find spiritual fulfillment. From this moment on, I release any thoughts that make me feel unworthy of a prosperous lifestyle. May abundance, success, and prosperity effortlessly come to me starting at this moment. And so it is”

After reciting the affirmation, take your key and use it to inscribe the sigil for prosperity (see aside) into your unlit green candle. Then, recite the following incantation: “The Earth, the wind, the sun, the sea \\ put magick in this special key. \\ My money growing with the moon \\ abundance come and be here soon.” Once you finish, take the key and place it into your wallet.

While seated amongst your candles and incense, you may now journal about your visions for a prosperous future. Make sure to write in the present tense. Instead of saying, “I will have…” claim your future with “I have…” Spend as long as you like journaling before mindfully closing your

Symbols of Wealth and Prosperity - spell for success

circle and blowing out your candles. Always end with a significant phrase of sacred conclusion. This can be an “amen,” “blessed be,” or anything that feels right to you. 

In the next couple of weeks, be on the lookout for opportunities for abundance and success, and make sure you’re ready to claim them!

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