The True Meaning of Spirit Animals, and How to Find Yours

What’s the true meaning of your spirit animal? And how do you find it? Let’s find out.

“So…what’s your spirit animal?”

Have you ever gotten this question?

If so, you might have answered it like I did. You shuffled through all the animals that came to mind to find the one that most resonated with your personality, the one that really captured your essence.

And, honestly, that’s a great way to answer this question. It’s introspective, reflective, and a fun way to look at yourself from a new perspective. I used to answer like this, “Elephant! They are majestic, wise, intelligent, and graceful.” I’ve also heard others answer this question with various magical animal energies like lion, wolf, bear, etc. along with clear reasons for choosing that animal. I think this is a wonderful way to get to know ourselves and to connect with spirit animal energies, and I also think there is a lot more we can tap into and learn from spirit animals as well.

I am an intuitive card reader, and the first oracle deck that I practiced with is called Animal Allies by Jessica Swift. Each card in the deck has a beautifully illustrated image of a powerful animal. In getting to know this deck, my intuition, and myself, I realized that different spirit animals come in and out of our lives as Divine messengers, to offer us lessons along our journeys. Spirit can communicate with us through animals and their energies if we are open to their guidance. I no longer see myself as having just one spirit animal, but instead, many different animals who come to me to offer ancient wisdom as I navigate my spiritual, intuitive path.

Spirit animals may show up for us with messages in many different ways. For me, it’s not always a physical, live animal that appears. Sometimes, it’s simply an image of an animal that catches my attention, or they may come to me with guidance in a dream. The trick is to be open to them and to be present enough to catch them when they do show up.


Five Steps for Connecting with Spirit Animals:

1. Get still, take a few deep breaths, and center yourself

2. Simply ask spirit animals to start communicating with you; let them know you are open to their guidance.

3. Don’t second-guess yourself when they show up. If it’s Spirit communicating with you through animals, you will know it. Trust yourself.

4. Reflect on what wisdom they have to offer you by tapping into your intuition. Visualize the animal. Listen to what the animal has to say. Explore how the animal makes you feel. List what you know to be true about the animal

5. Finally, thank the spirit animal for showing up in your life. Gratitude is always a high-vibration booster!

Pro Tip:
If you can explore any of these steps in your journal by writing it down, it will strengthen your intentions and amplify your magic!


Spirit Animal Meaning & Affirmations:

Horse – I am powerful and confident in who I am.
Owl – I am wise and intuitive.
Crow – I am capable of manifesting my wildest dreams.
Dolphin – I am playful and approach life with ease.
Cheetah – I am empowered and uplifted by those around me.

These affirmations were developed from the Divine messages and guidance that I have received from spirit animals in my own journey. Feel free to use these spirit animal affirmations for yourself. Feel empowered to create your own. Spirit animal connection and communication are accessible to us all as spiritual beings with intuitive gifts. You hold the power to discover it.

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