Tarot Decoded: A Beginner’s Guide to Tarot Card Meanings

One of the pillars of Tarot is understanding the meanings of each card.  Storm, a mystic & herbalist who has been practicing Tarot most of their life, is here to help guide you.

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Welcome, fellow wisdom seekers, to a journey into the enchanting realm of Tarot! Today, I’m thrilled to introduce our guide through this mystical landscape – the magical Storm, a seasoned mystic and herbalist based in the vibrant city of Philadelphia. As the founder of Storm’s Eye Enchantments, a mystical emporium of botanicals and magical wares, Storm has graciously agreed to be our Tarot mentor, unraveling the secrets of Tarot card reading for beginners.

Tarot for Beginners

For those dipping their toes into the waters of Tarot, Storm advocates tossing aside the guidebook and embracing a more personalized approach. The journey begins with the understanding that your Tarot deck is not just a set of cards but a reflection of your unique energy. Let’s dive into the key elements that make Tarot an enchanting adventure for beginners.

Tarot Card Reading

At the heart of Tarot lies the art of card reading, a profound practice that connects the reader to the divine energies surrounding them. Storm will guide you through the process, demystifying the symbolism behind each card and helping you craft your narrative with the cards laid out before you. This isn’t just about predictions; it’s about tapping into your intuition and understanding the messages the universe is weaving for you.

Tarot Spreads

Tarot spreads are like the treasure maps of the Tarot world, revealing insights and answers to your burning questions. Storm will walk you through various Tarot spreads, each designed to uncover different facets of your life. From love and career to personal growth, these spreads act as cosmic blueprints, guiding you through the twists and turns of your unique journey.

Tarot Card Meanings

One of the pillars of Tarot mastery is understanding the meanings behind each card. With their wealth of knowledge, Storm will unravel the mysteries, teaching you the significance of each card and how it contributes to the story. This isn’t just memorization; it’s about connecting with the cards on a deeper level, allowing them to speak to you in a language only you can understand.

Storm encourages you to make your Tarot journey uniquely yours. It’s not just about following rules; it’s about infusing your energy, experiences, and personality into your deck. Your Tarot deck becomes a mirror, reflecting your inner self and providing guidance tailored to your life’s narrative.

Printable Tarot Journal

Storm has generously shared a Tarot Worksheet to aid you in your Tarot exploration. This invaluable tool is designed to strengthen your Tarot practices, offering a structured space for your reflections and insights. Download and print it to ensure you have a fresh canvas for your Tarot studies.

🔗 Download Storm’s Tarot Worksheet

Tarot Cheat Sheet

But that’s not all! Storm has created the ultimate Tarot “Cheat Sheet” to accelerate your Tarot learning. Expertly organized with a traditional Tarot deck’s suits, numbers, and courts, this resource is your quick reference guide. Fold it up and keep it close – it’s your ticket to becoming a Tarot pro.

🔗 Download Storm’s Tarot Cheat Sheet


Remember, Tarot for beginners isn’t just about reading cards; it’s about unraveling the tapestry of your destiny. So, shuffle your deck, lay out your cards, and let the magic unfold. May your Tarot journey be as unique and extraordinary as you are! ✨

Tarot for Beginners 🔮✨ Card Meanings & Reading on Your Own

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Storm is a mystic & herbalist who has been practicing their craft most of their life. Based out of Philadelphia, Storm is the founder of Storm’s Eye Enchantments, a shop of botanicals, curios, and other magical wares. They will be teaching a beginner’s tarot course, where you will learn to “throw out the guidebook” and make your deck unique to you.

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