How to Create a Sacred Space for Self-Care & Stress Relief

Sierra Vandervort // March 18th, 2022

Creating a sacred space is a crucial part of developing a self-care routine, but it so often gets ignored.

I know what you’re thinking, “Sierra I don’t have the time or space. I barely have the energy to come home from work, make dinner, and maybe do the dishes before I pass out.” I hear ya. Life is busy. Life can be hard.

But the small amount of time it takes to start some of these wellness practices can leave you feeling replenished, and replace the hectic, chaotic feeling of life with a bit of ease and joy. So you feel like you actually have MORE time. When you have a space that embodies a sense of peace and ease in your home, you’re reminded to make these virtues a part of your everyday life. Even when the going gets rough, you’ll have a sanctuary to help you reset and find your center.


What does “sacred space” mean?

So let’s address this right out of the gate – the word “sacred” doesn’t have to tie to any specific religion. It can apply to any belief system you like – or it can be totally nondenominational. The word “sacred” is used here to mean connecting to our innate space of peace and love. Whether you find that connection through God, Buddha, Allah, Shakti, or simply through yourself – is totally up to you. The truth is you can find sacred anywhere you choose to see it. Bringing it into your home simply makes it easier to find this connection with our day-to-day lives.

Why would I need a “sacred space” in my home? 

Hey – great question. ☺ And I’ll tell you – it’s because this is where we live most of our lives! In our home, in our daily tasks, in our dinners with family, in sweeping the floor, and doing dishes. One thing, in particular, I love about new-age spirituality is that it gives the power back to YOU. You don’t have to go to a church or speak with a priest to feel connected or look for answers. You already have everything you need ♡ sometimes it just takes a little bit of work to find what you need.

All it takes is some intention – and the desire to make a change. So – let’s create sacred space!

How to Create a Sacred Space in your Home


1. Find Your Why

This should always be your first step. Take a few moments to get really clear on your reasons for doing this work.

What do you want this space to help you with?  What outcomes are you looking for?  Are there any obstacles you’re currently trying to overcome?

Take a few moments and journal on these. These will all be super helpful when it comes time to build your space. Maybe you want to have a place where you can go and destress from a long day. Maybe you’d rather your space help you feel energized and ready to take on the day. You might want a space for quiet reflection and meditation – or perhaps an altar for gratitude and celebration of life.

Do you see what I mean? Each of those altars would look totally different. Finding your desired outcomes will help you build a sacred space that will help you achieve that outcome.


create a sacred space


2. Find Your Space

Pick the place in your home where you’d like to set your space. It could be a vacant fireplace ledge or a side table in the corner. There’s no good or bad place. Work with what ya got.

Once you’ve decided on a spot, it’s time to clear it out. Sweep it up, dust the tabletop and light some incense. You’re creating a clean, fresh slate for yourself. Remove all objects from your surface of choice. Every item we interact with here will either deplete or replenish our energy, and affect how well we achieve our desired outcomes.

If you need specific help with decluttering as a way of attracting more energy – my girl Olivia from Decluttered Intentions is an awesome resource for this! *hey girl ♡* 

It’s also probable that your space will be in a highly trafficked area of your home (i.e. the living room) this isn’t a bad thing – but it’s a choice you’ll have to make. Your space may be acting as a living vision board and you don’t need much seclusion, so a public room will work fine. If you know you’ll want some privacy when you go to your space, perhaps it would be better to put it in your bedroom.

If there’s no other option besides a public room and you need privacy, you’ll just need to be strategic about when you spend your time there. Maybe you can wake up 15 minutes before your spouse so you can have some quiet time at your altar. Or simply ask your family if they can give you a few minutes alone. It won’t always be easy, but having the space dedicated to your spiritual well-being will definitely be worth it.


3. Find Your Magic

Ok, now it’s the fun part! You’re going to bring in ANY colors, images, scents, or textures you like. Go back to your journal entries from the beginning. What did you want this space to help you with? Take your responses and put them in a tangible form. There’s no right or wrong way to do this. Go off of your intuition. Get creative. Think outside of the box.

What objects do you own that feel sacred to you? Are there any images or items that make your heart well up with a feeling of gratitude? What scent of candle makes you smile and help you relax?

No idea where to start? That’s also o.k. ☺ Here are some good jumping-off points:

Soothing Altar: blue, white, and green colors; soft and luscious fabrics; water element, lavender, and frankincense

Energizing Altar: yellow and orange colors; fire element; cinnamon incense; motivational quotes

Gratitude Altar: photos of loved ones; earth element; printed prayers of gratitude; rose incense

No matter how you do it – if you can create a sacred space for yourself it will be a living, constant reminder of your dedication to your spiritual and emotional wellbeing. ♡


Why do you want to create a sacred space for yourself?

Let me know in the comments below!

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