Channel the Full Moon in Virgo with these 4 Practices

Sierra Vandervort // March 5th, 2022

“The need to create stirs deep within our spirits.” This is the energy of a Full Seed Moon.

As we sense the budding life and increasing temperatures of springtime, we too feel the rustlings of creative urges. March is the first month in our ascent towards spring and summer. This is our time to plant the seeds of our dreams. You’ve spent the beginning, dark part of the year aligning yourself and removing obstacles – now is the time to take action.

Firstly – before we discuss how to utilize the energy of this moon, let’s break down the name a bit: the full Seed Moon in Virgo. 

Seed Moon: the old folk name given to the full moon of March, used due to the planting of crop seeds during this time

Virgo: this is the phase the moon is currently in. The sign of the moon changes about every two days. This is NOT the same as the current zodiac season. So you may hear that it’s currently “Pisces Season.” That refers to the sign the Sun is in. These transitions take about a month.

By understanding the energies of these two defining lunar characteristics, we can begin to implement them in a way that will benefit us.

The Full Moon in Virgo carries the potential for growth and new beginnings. It is the time of creation, inspiration, and potential as Mother Earth begins to blossom around us. It’s a time for expansion, for trying something new or taking a chance. 

The energy of Virgo is very analytical. As an earth sign, Virgo is very goal-oriented and practical. But as a mutable sign, it often carries the energies of restlessness and desire for change. Post-winter wanderlust anyone?

By finding the crossover between these creative and analytical energies, we can come up with a killer action plan for harnessing this full moon energy. We’re going to wake up your creative sparks and create new routines that will support order and inspiration in your life.

Here are four activities for harnessing energies of the Full Moon in Virgo

Organize your desk and work area. Virgo energy likes order and organization that can support creative transformation. You’ll be much more focused and inspired by your work if you have a desk space that you enjoy. While the act of tidying might not seem super interesting, this doesn’t have to be boring! Remember the Seed Moon loves creativity.

Try repainting your desktop to your favorite color. Add a rosemary plant to your desk for a pleasant smell and mental stimulation. Repurpose old candle jars into pencil holders. Frame creative or inspirational photos to keep you motivated. Once you’ve decorated to your liking, clear away any cluttered papers and give it a good wipe-down.

Plan out your month. Use the analytical mind of the Virgo to set yourself up for success for the rest of the month. Look at your goals for the month and for the year. What steps can you take through the end of the month and into the next full moon? Look at your calendar and map out the best time for each step forward. Look at how these steps can relate to each other. Put pen to paper, market to whiteboard, whatever tangible form will get you most inspired.

Make a vision board. Perhaps it wasn’t obvious, but I’m a huge fan of vision boards. I would argue that they’re beneficial to do at any point in your life – but a Virgo full moon just screams to complete a vision board. It can be the perfect remedy for restless Virgo energy. The goal-oriented burst of energy will help you get focused on what you want to accomplish, and the creative Seed Moon energy will love putting that in a visual form! 

To make a vision board, print or cut out images, words, and colors that visually encapsulate your goals. Arrange them in a nice and mindful way on a corkboard and hang the board in your house where you can see it. If you can interact with your board in some way every day – you’ll keep your goals fresh in your mind, and this helps with making them a reality!

Modern, more internet-savvy practitioners can use Pinterest if that’s something that seems more manageable. However, I would argue it’s not as ideal, simply because you can’t see it or interact with it in your everyday life.

One thing at a time. If you have multiple things going on *cough everyone* then try to take one thing at a time. Focusing on one thing at a time increases productivity and decreases anxiety. Studies have shown that multitasking is worse for your brain than smoking pot or losing a full night of sleep.

From a work perspective, this can look like batching your workdays. Try to schedule all your client calls for the same afternoon. Tackle your inbox once in the morning, then close the tab until the late afternoon. If you’re a content creator, see if you can knock out a week’s worth of content in one day.

In a more lifestyle application, this looks like being mindful and present with each task. Try to avoid listening to podcasts while you cook. Don’t try to butter your toast, feed the dog, and start the coffee machine at the same time. The dark side of Virgo is that feeling of scatterbrained anxiety that comes from trying to do too much. Give yourself the time and space to take one thing at a time.

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