A Witch’s Guide to Celebrating the Full Strawberry Moon: Spiritual Meaning, Rituals & More

Let’s delve into the spiritual significance of the Strawberry Moon in June and how you can use this powerful energy to enhance your spiritual practice.

Cultures and spiritual traditions worldwide celebrate the Full Strawberry Moon in June. Today, let’s delve into its spiritual significance and how to use this powerful energy to enhance your spiritual practice.


When is the Strawberry Moon in 2024?

The first full moon of summer, the Full Strawberry Moon, will be visible on Friday, June 21, 2024, at 9:08 PM EDT.


Strawberry Moon Spiritual Meaning

June ushers in the Summer Solstice, a time brimming with joy, celebration, and a spirit of adventure. As the season transitions into summer, we are surrounded by abundant growth and opportunities to expand our horizons. The Full Strawberry Moon marks this transformative period, inviting us to embrace its energy and harness it for personal and spiritual development.

The Full Strawberry Moon’s energy is powerful and restful, offering a unique blend of vitality and introspection. It encourages us to protect and strengthen our inner selves, work on personal inconsistencies, and reward ourselves for our positive traits. This sacred time is rich with fertility, magic, and love, making it a prime opportunity for manifestation and self-reflection.

As the first full moon of the summer quarter, the Full Strawberry Moon symbolizes the peak of the lunar cycle in this vibrant season. Just as the four phases of the moon correspond to the four seasons, the full moons of summer are particularly potent and energetic. This June full moon is all about evolving, learning, and expanding. It urges us to celebrate our growth and recognize our strengths, empowering us to create positive changes in our lives and the world around us.

The solstice energy heightens our sense of connectedness with others, making it an ideal time for collaboration, evaluating friendships, and exploring relationships. Be open to the adventures and connections that come your way. Seeking help and support from those around you could provide the solutions you need. This heightened energy and optimism motivates us to push forward with our goals. Still, balancing this drive with moments of pause and reflection is essential to avoid overworking.

In essence, the Full Strawberry Moon is a powerful reminder of the progress we’ve made and the potential that lies ahead. It’s a time to celebrate our achievements, embrace new opportunities, and continue our journey with renewed confidence and purpose.


History & Folklore of the Strawberry Moon

As summer’s warmth begins to take hold, wild fruits and edible plants flourish, marking a season of abundance. One of the most celebrated of these is the strawberry, which, in its peak season, signals the start of a new chapter in nature’s cycle. Indigenous tribes across much of the United States aptly named the June full moon the Strawberry Moon, symbolizing this period of prosperity. Some also referred to it as the Moon of Birthing, highlighting the earth’s fertile energy during this time.

The June full moon has deep roots in various cultures and traditions. For instance, the Summer Solstice on June 21 is also known as the Celtic Day of Cerridwen. Cerridwen, the revered Crone of Wales, is associated with a magical cauldron believed to bestow great inspiration and artistic talent to those brave enough to seek it. This connection to creativity and transformation aligns beautifully with the themes of the Strawberry Moon.

In India, June 25 marks Teej, a vibrant festival for women and girls dedicated to Parvati, the goddess of love and devotion. Meanwhile, the entire month of June is named after Juno, the Roman great mother goddess of marriage and childbirth. The term “Honey Moon” also has ties to Juno, reflecting the tradition of marriages in June and the ensuing celebration known as the honeymoon.

Interestingly, while strawberries are not native to all parts of the world, many cultures have unique names for this full moon. In Europe, it’s known as the Mead Moon, a time for cutting meadows, and the Rose Moon, signifying the peak bloom of roses. It’s also called the Hot Moon, alluding to the hot summer days ahead. Each of these names underscores the richness and diversity of traditions surrounding this special time of year.

Celebrating the Full Strawberry Moon invites us to connect with these ancient traditions and honor the season’s bounty. Whether you’re inspired by the fertility and magic of Cerridwen or the love and devotion celebrated in Teej, this moon offers a unique opportunity to embrace the growth and abundance of summer.

strawberry moon spiritual meaning

Flower Moon Rituals

You can perform several meaningful rituals to honor the energy of the full Strawberry Moon:

Go on an adventure

The Full Strawberry Moon is a perfect time to embrace the energy of summer by going on an adventure. Whether it’s a road trip to witness nature in full bloom or a getaway to a tropical destination, bask in the powerful energy of the sun and immerse yourself in the beauty of the season.

Drink strawberry tea or wine

To bring the essence of the Strawberry Moon into your daily routine, try drinking strawberry tea or wine. This simple act can help you connect with the season’s energy and indulge in a moment of self-care.

Go strawberry picking

For a more hands-on experience, find a nearby strawberry farm and go strawberry picking. There’s something incredibly grounding about harvesting your own fruit and enjoying the literal fruits of your labor.

Practice a self-love meditation

Self-love meditation is another beautiful way to honor the Strawberry Moon. Take some time to sit in a quiet space and focus on affirmations that nurture your inner self.

full flower moon


Reflect on your career

Reflecting on your career and future goals is particularly powerful under the Full Strawberry Moon. Ask yourself important questions about your aspirations and the steps you need to take to achieve them. Questions like “Where am I heading?” and “What needs to be done to get there?” can provide clarity and direction.

Make full moon water

Creating full moon water is another meaningful ritual. Place a jar of water under the moonlight to absorb its energy, then use it for drinking, watering plants, or in your bath for an extra boost of lunar magic.

Embrace optimism and enjoy summer

Take advantage of the extra energy and optimism that this moon brings by channeling it into hobbies, passions, or causes that inspire you. However, remember to pause and avoid overloading yourself with extra work. Instead, take more time to enjoy the beginning of summer and engage in activities that bring you joy.

Try a heart-opening yoga sequence

Finally, consider incorporating a heart-opening yoga sequence into your routine. This type of yoga can help you align with the loving and expansive energy of the Strawberry Moon, opening your heart to new possibilities and connections. Embrace these rituals and activities to fully celebrate and harness the powerful energy of the Full Strawberry Moon.

strawberry moon spiritual meaning

Correspondences for the Strawberry Moon

As we delve deeper into the mystical energies of the Full Strawberry Moon, understanding its correspondences can enhance our rituals and activities. Incorporating the right colors, crystals, herbs, and honoring specific deities can amplify the magic and intentions we set during this enchanted time.


Colors: Infuse your space with vibrant hues of red, orange, gold, white, and pink. Use these colors in your altar decorations, candles, or clothing to symbolize passion, abundance, purity, and love during your Full Strawberry Moon rituals.

Crystals: Work with honey calcite to tap into the warmth, joy, and positivity that this crystal embodies. Carry it with you or place it on your altar to amplify your intentions and connect deeply with the energy of the Strawberry Moon.

Herbs: Create a sacred space with the aroma of skullcap, meadowsweet, and vervain. Use these herbs in incense blends, herbal baths, or sachets to promote relaxation, creativity, and spiritual connection during your Full Strawberry Moon practices.

Foods: Incorporate fresh strawberries or other seasonal fruits into your Full Strawberry Moon celebrations. These fruits symbolize abundance, growth, and the sweetness of life. Enjoy them in a ritual feast or as offerings to honor the season’s blessings.

Symbols: Explore symbolic representations such as strawberries, cauldrons, and blooming flowers to deepen your connection with the themes of fertility, transformation, and abundance associated with the Strawberry Moon. Use these symbols in your meditations, visualizations, or altar arrangements to enhance your ritual experience.

Deities: Honor and invoke deities like Isis, Cerridwen, and Ishtar during your Full Strawberry Moon rituals. These goddesses embody magic, wisdom, creativity, and divine feminine energy. Connect with their guidance and blessings as you work with the moon’s energy and intentions.

Activities: Engage in activities that align with the energy of the Full Strawberry Moon, such as creating moon-infused water by placing a jar of water under the moonlight to absorb its power. Perform a self-love meditation using honey calcite to enhance feelings of joy and positivity. Craft a strawberry-themed ritual bath with herbs like meadowsweet for relaxation and rejuvenation. Explore creative pursuits or artistic expressions to tap into the inspiration and creativity associated with this lunar phase.

full pink moon

Celebrating the Full Strawberry Moon

As we wrap up our exploration of the Full Strawberry Moon, let’s carry forward its essence of abundance, growth, and connection. May the rituals and activities we’ve delved into infuse us with joy, inspiration, and a more profound sense of self-awareness. As we harness our energy, reflect on our aspirations, and savor the onset of summer, let’s keep the magic of this celestial moment alive in our hearts. Here’s to celebrating the Full Strawberry Moon and embracing the blessings it brings into our lives with love, gratitude, and a touch of wonder.

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