Digital Detox: Positive Affirmations for a Social Media Reset

Sierra Vandervort // September 6th, 2021 

Ever heard of a digital detox?

It’s a popular phrase in the modern wellness industry, and simply means you’re in need of a good unplugging from your devices and social media. In our constantly digitally-wired world, it’s easy to see the need. 

It’s time we change our relationship with social media. Anxiety, inadequacy, and depression are all linked to heavy social media use. Perhaps you’ve even noticed the effects on your mental health after a, particularly “social” day. 

But I have to tell you something, social media is not the enemy here. It’s our own material tendencies and attachments that can cause the most harm. If we can be intentional and loving with it – social media can be an amazing tool that we utilize in our success. 

On the positive end, social media can be a tool for increased socialization, enhanced communication, new learning opportunities & access to global information & community. Nevertheless, a good digital detox can be a great practice when you’re feeling particularly hooked by your TikTok account. 

The positive affirmations in this guided meditation will help you rewrite your social media narrative. This way, you can create a healthier relationship with your phone, in a way that doesn’t affect your mental health. I’ve outlined a few ways to use the affirmations below. 

For the best results, I recommend you can follow along with the affirmations in the guided meditation linked below. Alternatively, you can copy the affirmations into your journal or hang them up in a place where you can see them often.

digital detox

Digital Detox:

Positive Affirmations for a Social Media Reset

 Meditation for Beginners

    If you’re totally new to meditation – that’s great! I’m so excited you’re here. It’s really not hard, and you don’t have to worry about trying to do it “right.” The best advice I can give for beginners is to just let go. As you follow my instructions in the recording don’t worry too much about how or if you’re doing it right, instead just let whatever happens, happen. 

    If you lose track of the meditation and your thoughts take over you, that’s ok. Just come back to the recording whenever you notice your attention has drifted. Be kind to yourself, and simply come back to the practice. 

    For your meditation, set yourself up in a position that feels comfortable. You could be seated on the floor, in a chair, or even lying down. Make sure you’re comfortable, but also that you can still remain alert. The meditation included below is best enjoyed with headphones so that you can remain undistracted and fully immersed in your meditative experience.

    After you’re finished with your meditation, allow yourself to return to your daily activities slowly and with intention. Remember that with ritual practices, there is no right or wrong. It’s all about what feels best to you and what’s going to help you feel most nurtured.

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