Celebrate the Full Flower Moon with these Five Self Care Practices

Every May, we’re gifted with the Full Flower Moon.

While all full moons can be a time of great potential and magic, witches & spiritual teachers around the world often cite the Full Flower Moon as one of the most powerful. As Mother Earth is now in full spring bloom, this is a potent time for manifestation, intention setting, and new possibilities.

The May full moon is called the Flower Moon for pretty obvious reasons. As we make our way towards summer, the trees and bushes seem to overflow with blooms. Where I live in Oregon, this is the time when the towering Dogwood trees are covered in blossoms of bright pink and white. 

As mystics and lovers of the Earth, we’re able to harness the natural energies of each full moon. This is often called “moon magic.” While everyone’s practice may be different, there are some specific practices we can utilize to help connect with the full flower moon. If you’d like to create a Flower Moon ritual celebration, try one of these practices.

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Full Flower Moon Ritual: Five Ways to Celebrate

Activate your Heart Chakra

The blooming Flower Moon is a great time to work on practices of the heart. In yogic philosophy, we often connect to an energy center called our Heart Chakra (Anahata Chakra). By strengthening our Heart Chakra, we’re able to create a more loving, compassionate, and heart-centered way of living. When beginning work with the Anahata Chakra, it may be helpful to journal on your relationships, emotional memories that may need healing, or your relationship with self-love. You may also like to try a heart-opening yoga session, where the cultivation of space within the physical body can lead to emotional release. Or try a heart chakra healing guided meditation.

Build a Full Flower Moon altar

Altar building is a sacred practice that looks different for everyone. Some mystics have a massive altar space with intricate designs and rotating talismans. Others, like myself, are content with small table space for just

full flower moon 2

a few sacred objects. If you’ve never built a Full Moon altar before, download my free Full Moon Workbook. There’s a whole section on creating your sacred space and building an altar. If you’re just looking for a few Full Flower Moon goodies to add to your existing space, try some from the list below.

Flower Moon altar building

  • Seasonal objects from nature like spring flowers, seashells, or other beautiful things
  • Colors of green, white, or pink
  • Candles in gold, white, or green
  • Gold and silver coins for abundance
  • Colored ribbons
  • Items that symbolize wedding or partnership (as this is the time when the God and Goddess unite to populate the Earth with abundance)

Ask how you can fertilize your life

When working with the Full Moons, we often take the symbolism of nature and ask how we can apply it to our own lives. For the Full Flower Moon, we often feel levels of productivity and inspiration rise. Just like the Earth, the energy that has lain dormant in us throughout the winter is beginning to rise up. This is a powerful time to finish current projects or start new ones. During the Flower Moon, we may find some of our biggest goals suddenly within our grasp. It’s important to be intentional with your energy here. With a big burst of energy, it’s easy to let it disperse without direction, leaving you feeling pulled in too many directions or burnt out. Learn to be mindful with your energy and ask what areas of your life you’d like to focus on.

full flower moon 3

Connect with the Goddess Gaia

During modern seasonal festivities like May Day, a May Queen is often chosen from the local girls and young women. The May Queen serves as a personification of Mother Earth and the flower goddess. With bright and blooming flowers around the world, the feminine magnificence of this season is undeniable. If you’d like, you can use this time to honor the great Goddess through practices of embodiment or feminine activation.

Host a Full Flower Moon Ritual

Every Full Moon provides a powerful space to gather with like-minded mystics. If you’d like to host your own Flower Moon ritual, find a space where you can gather with friends. If possible, try to gather outside, maybe underneath a grand, flowering tree. Invite everyone to wear flowers or bright, vibrant colors. If you feel comfortable, you could lead the group through a brief

Heart Chakra meditation. Afterward, you can dine on refreshing fruits and seasonal veggies. Sing songs; search for wildflowers; tell stories of falling in love and keeping relationships strong. No matter how you celebrate, remember to be present with your loved ones.

Celebrating the Full Moon gives us an opportunity to connect more deeply with nature, our community, and ourselves. Whether you plan an elaborate Flower Moon ritual or simply take a moment to look up at the night sky, taking a moment to celebrate the turning of the seasons can help keep us grounded and connect to something deeper.

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