Nine Virgo Season Rituals for Healing & Inspiration

 Channeling this energy can help you use your abilities to help you chase your dreams. Here are nine Virgo season rituals to help you…

How do we create a life where our passions support us & aid others? That’s the essential question behind Virgo season. This mutable Earth sign is the structured and organized do-er of the zodiac. Beginning at the end of August, Virgo season is a powerful time for all of us – not just Virgos – to channel this powerful energy. That’s where our Virgo season rituals come in.

Daily rituals are so important for spiritual and mental well-being. In a modern digital world that only prioritizes productivity, getting back to simple well-being and joy is essential to our survival. The zodiac seasons provide us with an energetic framework and move us through a conscious, spiritual evolution as the year goes on.

The signs of the zodiac form a natural progression. The energy of one sign builds off of the one before it. After fiery Leo challenges us to step forward and claim our passions & talents to the world, Virgo challenges us to nurture those on a daily basis. 

Like all Earth signs, Virgo has solid and practical energy. Any practices that feel “grounding” – help you tune into your body and out of your head – will be strengthened during this time. Virgo energy specifically has major “back to school” vibes to it. Virgo is logical, organized, and wants to know how it can use routine and structure to better support itself. 

Channeling this powerful, seasonal energy can help you hone your craft and ultimately use your abilities to help you chase your dreams. If you’d like some inspiration as a jumping-off point, here are nine Virgo season rituals to help you prioritize healing & inspiration.

9 Virgo Season Rituals for Healing & Inspiration

Get yourself organized

Take a day to clean up your space. Take everything out of the cupboards and give it a good wipe-down. Organize your closet. Give your desk a refresh. Then when you’re done, burn a cleansing incense or herbal blend. Circle the room with your herbs and envision all the magic and joy that will come to this space.

Invest in your passions & talents

Virgo loves tactile, daily action. Invest in an online course, masterclass, or weekend session that will help you hone your craft. Prioritize self-study so you can use your passions to help others. 

Take yourself back to school shopping

Even if you’re not actually attending school. Treat yourself to some new journals, pens, highlighters, and other goodies that will help get you motivated to start taking action.

Visualize what you want to accomplish over the next few months

And then plan out how you’re going to get there. What action steps will help you achieve those goals? What external support

virgo season rituals

or resources do you need? Where can you find those? Get really granular here and trust that you can do it. See every little detail. Then…

Put your goal-getting action steps into your Google calendar

 Preferably color-coded in a way that’s pleasing to look at. This is where you’re dedicating yourself to SHOW UP. That’s not to say that there’s zero flexibility moving forward, but also to show yourself that you’re committed here. 

Try a barefoot walking meditation outside

This is connecting to Mother Earth in a whole new way. Unlike traditional seated meditation, walking meditations bring you to presence through slow and intentional movement. And by connecting intentionally to Mother Earth, you’re really connecting with the earth energy of Virgo.

Make yourself of service

This can look different for everybody. You could find a local charity or community service to donate your time to. You could offer intentional & undivided listening to a friend in need. You could offer to make a hearty dinner for your partner. Virgo urges us to move into the energy of the collective, so let yourself be of service.

Release perfectionism through journaling

One of the lower vibrational patterns of Virgo is the urge for perfection, which can lead to intense self-criticism. When it comes to healing, the only way out is through. Take some time for a journaling ritual. Grab a fantastic journal and a pen. Light some candles, take to a comfy chair, and start writing. What do I assume are my weaknesses? Are these actually a strength in disguise? How can I recognize these as areas for improvement?

Create a daily devotion

Commit yourself to a new ritual or self-care practice that will bring you release and balance on a regular basis. If you have trouble sticking to new habits, make it small at first. But as you’re doing it, really make it a devotional. Be with the action 100% and notice how it makes you feel.

Listen to your intuition, and make some Virgo season rituals of your own. Remember that taking care of yourself will ultimately bring you more space to share joy and love with those around you.

What Virgo season rituals are you practicing? Let me know in the comments.

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